There is this new treatment that is supposed to work better than traditional braces. You might have heard of it – Invisalign – and it moves your teeth faster and straighter, and is far more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. With more than 8 million people who have gone through this treatment, it’s no question that Invisalign is getting more and more popular. The New York Times actually attests that adults and teens alike are fond of this technology.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Although before we get all too excited, let us take a closer look at it, and perhaps know how much it would cost here in Vancouver, Canada? This article will give you all the information you need about Invisalign – from its cost to its benefits and if it is really worth the hype and your money.

Benefits of Invisalign

So before anything else, we need to identify the benefits of Invisalign. What are its features and why is it much better than the traditional braces?

1.   Invisalign can position your teeth faster, unlike traditional braces. Imagine how much time you can potentially save on your treatment!

During treatments, orthodontists use a software called Invisalign 3D Clincheck to plan the movements of your teeth. If you are using traditional braces, the movement of the teeth is uncontrolled. However, with this technology, unnecessary tooth movements can be eliminated. Thus, your orthodontist can just focus on moving your teeth in their final position with the use of clear aligners.

2.   With Invisalign, your teeth alignment is more precise and is straightened accurately.

Your final smile can be visualized using a powerful tool, a software called Clincheck. Depending on how you want it done, your orthodontist would be able to design your dream smile as precisely as possible.

3.   Invisalign is way more comfortable to wear compared to traditional braces.

There are many inconveniences that traditional braces can cause–from the brackets scratching your mouth, there are wires poking out, and food can also get stuck at random places creating your most embarrassing moments. With Invisalign, however, these are things that you no longer need to worry about. These clear aligners are removable, plus it looks like you are not wearing anything at all.

Clearly, Invisalign offers better features, and not to mention the comfort it brings compared to the braces that most of us are accustomed to.

How much does Invisalign cost?

While it brings ultimate comfort and proves to be more convenient than traditional braces, you’d be thinking Invisalign will be much more expensive. Typically, a certified orthodontist in Vancouver would charge you around $7,000 up to $12,000 for Invisalign. Of course, this all depends on the complexity of your case, and also on how long your treatment could take.

There are clinics whose certified orthodontics provides treatment for $7,250. You can begin your inquiry by setting up a virtual consultation, and from there, you can determine if you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment. You will then be provided with a treatment plan exclusively customized for you, plus you will also be given the price quote for the treatment.

As you will be paying the full price, take note of these inclusions:

  • Invisalign Full Case
  • Unlimited aligners, refinements, and retainers
  • Propel Vpro acceleration device (valued at $600)

The Propel Vpro Acceleration Device helps with the following:

  • Speeds up the treatment
  • Reduces tooth soreness
  • Remote virtual monitoring to lessen your in-office visits during treatments

Additionally, you will be treated by a certified orthodontist, who has completed a total of 7 years of education, training, and experience.

This might come across as a little bit too expensive, but keep in mind that the price of traditional braces in Vancouver can be from $6,500 to $12,000.

Now, if you decide to go to a general dentist in Vancouver for clear aligners, you will be charged between $6000 and $10,000 depending on the complexity of your case. Some may even charge you extra if you need more refinement aligners, and ask you for additional fees for retainers if needed. Take note that general dentists have completed 4 years of dental school but do not have a 3-year residency in orthodontics.

Why is it important to see a certified orthodontist?

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, the first professional that comes to your mind would be the dentist. Dentists and orthodontists both specialize in taking care of your teeth, but it is important to know who you should go to if you want to go for Invisalign treatment.

While general dentists can perfectly take care of your teeth, orthodontists specialize in improving your teeth and making them straighter. They spent 3 years of residency focusing on orthodontic treatment, and this also includes Invisalign. Thus, you can be sure that you are dealing with a trusted professional whose expertise comes from managing braces and working on Invisalign treatments for a number of patients on a weekly basis.

Additionally, since orthodontists specialize in teeth alignment, they are the ones who have the tools and the technology used for the treatment. Granted that dentists also work with teeth, but they offer a wide range of services, thus they have general tools but probably not the specific ones.

How can I pay for Invisalign treatment?

There are various payment options you can choose from if you want to get Invisalign treatment, making it more affordable. Here are some of them:

  • Dental Insurance. Your dental insurance can cover 50% or more of the Invisalign treatment. You just need to check with your insurance provider and see if it covers orthodontic treatment.
  • Interest-free payment plan. You can also choose to pay on an installment basis.
  • Discounts for full payment. Likewise, if you opt to pay in full for the entire treatment, you can also get a discount.

Your smile can be one of your best assets so make sure to take care of them. If you are looking to fix crowded teeth, an Invisalign treatment might be the best solution for you!