Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy is an innovative treatment method that uses low temperatures to treat many health problems such as muscle pain, inflammation, different types of tissue injury, arthritis, and cancers of several body parts. Cryotherapy provides anti-inflammatory benefits and is also convenient in treating weight loss and mood disorders. Cryotherapy treatments are aimed to restore your health and leave you feeling invigorated. Different applications of cryotherapy are increasing in popularity because it is becoming a symbol of fitness. In Cryotherapy, patients are exposed to extra cold air for four minutes. Cryotherapy became like a growing stand in the news. With the growing buzz, certain myths and misconceptions have started. To help you better understand, myths and misconceptions related to cryotherapy are described following:

Myth and Misconception 1: Cryotherapy is Painfully Cold

One of the rumors about cryotherapy is that the cold temperature of the cryotherapy chamber is painful, and the extra cold can’t possibly be good for you. There is no doubt that cryotherapy chambers are cold. But, the fact is that: the cold air in cryotherapy chambers is a dry cold that lasts for only 4 minutes around the patient’s body. It means this cold does not feel like a bone-chilling cold. The time of the cryotherapy process is too short, and it doesn’t allow the cold to penetrate deep inside the patient’s body. Cryotherapy is almost painless when done by an expert doctor. The human body is proficient in some surprising things. Exposing your body to extremely low temperatures is one of them.

Myth and Misconception 2: Cryotherapy is only for Professional Athletes

The other rumor about cryotherapy is that it is only for athletes or celebrities. Many professional athletes and famous celebrities utilize cryotherapy and take advantage of cryotherapy treatment but, it does not mean that this treatment is only for them. But the fact is that: whatever your profession is, cryotherapy is for everyone. You can use cryotherapy before or after games or workouts. Taking cryotherapy treatment before an event gives you energy and prepares your body both physically and mentally to take on your task while taking cryotherapy after an event allows you to sleep better and stay calm. Athletes use this treatment to enhance their performances. A professional cryotherapy center provides both cryotherapy and compression therapy services for your fitness and recovery at every level.

Myth and Misconception 3: Cryotherapy is not safe

It is also rumored that cryotherapy is unsafe and dangerous for the skin. While if any treatment is administered incorrectly, it will harm your skin. But, cryotherapy treatments are safe and effective for almost everyone. There is no risk of lowered core temperature. In cryotherapy treatment, you have to sit in a cryotherapy chamber for at least 4 minutes. The cold does not have enough time to penetrate deep inside your body. However, cryotherapy may be unsafe for pregnant women, patients with diabetes, children, heart patients, and people with severe high blood pressure. Talk with your doctor before trying cryotherapy.

Myth and Misconception 4: Cryotherapy is Unproven

Many articles and discussions claim that cryotherapy is unproven and has no foundation in science. But, these claims are unfounded. Scientific research revealed that the bulk of evidence supports the benefits and effectiveness of cryotherapy. While some of the benefits of cryotherapy are unstudied such as hair and fingernail growth.  How does the body react to extreme cold? And How the cryotherapy treatment reduces pain and aids recovery? These riddles are solved by scientific research. There are several proven benefits of cryotherapy. Such as workout recovery, muscle soreness, enhancing antioxidant capacity, and altering inflammatory pathways. Need cryotherapy treatment? Visit the “Health and wellness center” near you.