Gartner defines “data scientist citizens” as people who work on predictive analytics, but whose primary job function is outside of statistics and analytics. Clearsense Chief Marketing Officer Pamela Fowler says, “We are entering a new era of citizen data scientists in healthcare. This change is coming quickly with the continuing growth of big data and scarcity and expense of hiring data scientists.” 

It’s simply a matter of supply and demand. IBM predicts demand for data scientists will soar 28%. And, as the demand for data continues to rise, so does the need for advanced capabilities to utilize data in meaningful ways. Health system leaders are expected to solve operational and clinical problems and improve outcomes – fast. The pressure to deliver fast results means that teams cannot wait on the short supply of highly skilled data scientists and IT experts to curate clean, trusted data to use in research.

Lightening the load

Advanced end-to-end technology solutions are beckoning in a new era of the citizen data scientist in healthcare by empowering everyday users to solve business and clinical problems without the technical expertise previously required.

For example, one of those companies, Clearsense, recently announced the acquisition of Compellon, a plug-and-play technology that uses AI to re-engineer predictive modeling, removing the technical burden from users.  Clearsense Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Charles Boicey stated in the press release, “Compellon’s game-changing technology directly supports our mission to rapidly make data analytics nearly as easy as a Google query for clinicians and everyday users.”

Yet, advanced analytics are only as good as the data.  Fewer than 50% of healthcare CIOs in this study have trust in their data. Ensuring high-quality, trusted data from the start is vital to providing clinicians and data scientists confidence with each individual prediction. Clearsense’s goal is to empower its customers with trusted data to enhance their clinical, operational, and business performance. ‘Trusted data drives performance’, states Fowler.

“It has been a long time coming, but we now have technology that allows us, as subject matter experts, to confidently build, train, test, and deploy data science products in healthcare,” said Boicey.  “This solution really does get us closer to fulfilling our mission of making data analytics more accessible, democratizing the system, and enabling ‘predictive for all.”

About Clearsense

Clearsense transforms healthcare data into insights that users can trust and act on. The data and analytics platform is cloud-based, AI-enabled, and HITRUST-certified. By actively managing how data is ingested, organized, translated, enriched, and governed, data accuracy and quality are confirmed. A full suite of advisory services led by project managers, industry, and clinical experts ensures that data governance, implementation, and analytics are rapidly mainstreamed. A growing list of leading health systems use the Clearsense end-to-end platform to drive faster and better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. For more information, visit