Being a veteran can be a very confusing status in today’s America. On the one hand, people revere you and thank you for your service. That is always a nice thing to experience – gratitude and respect from your fellow US citizens for your services in the military.

On the other hand, many of the things that should be given to you are denied, and you’re left without an adequate safety net after returning from war. This especially applies to medical care – with many of the medical services available through VA being either difficult to get or not available to everyone.

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How to See If Your Medical Expenses Are Covered by the VA

Depending on your current and past status, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA for short, can cover anything from all medical expenses to very little. In order to determine what type of help you’re entitled to, you may need to fill in a form on the VA website. All you need to do is type in the accurate information, and the website will tell you what bracket you belong to.

With this information, you should be able to find all the care from your medical insurance provider. However, there are instances where that is not possible, for one reason or another.  This is where advocates for veterans’ rights come in, ready to push those in charge to grant full rights to the veterans who fought for our country.

What Is Covered by the VA Healthcare Plan

The VA healthcare plan isn’t vastly different from other healthcare plans in the US. The basic plan is available to all eligible veterans, but some additional services will depend on several factors. These factors include the priority group that a veteran belongs to, the recommendations of your primary doctor, and so on.

The basic plan entitles you to medical services which include treating illnesses and injuries, preventative medical care such as health exams, medical and nutrition consultations, gender-specific exams, immunization, and counseling with specialists.

This plan also covers inpatient hospital medical procedures such as surgery, dialysis, as well as any other care that might require hospitalization.

Is Mental Health Care Included in VA Medical Insurance   

One of the most important aspects of healthcare for veterans returning from active war zones is mental care. The number of mental health conditions suffered by veterans is markedly higher than that in the general population.

If, as a veteran, you experience any mental health issues, it is important to seek help, just like you would for a physical condition. The resources on the VA website are extensive, but the best way to help yourself understand what ails you is to reach out to a professional.

What Might Not Be Covered

If you’re looking for more specialized medical care, there is a chance that your medical plan doesn’t cover those expenses. For instance, dental care is only included in some VA healthcare plans, and you may not have access to it for free.

Similarly, eye care is covered to a basic level – you can get a free exam and preventative care, but whether advanced eye care will be covered by the insurance depends on the level of your VA medical plan.

Healthcare in the US is a complicated and hot-button issue no matter who you are. However, it can get even more complicated if you’re a veteran. That’s why it’s important to know your rights and what you’re entitled to. And if you aren’t sure, reach out to those who know more – they’ll lend you a helping hand.