There is a persistent need to reopen all sectors of the economy. The challenge ahead in this next phase is not only how to safely reopen, but also how to stay open safely. In such a case, the digital health passport can help. It is the latest in a growing network of vaccine passport programs aimed at making it easier for organizations to assess and validate individuals’ entry against established criteria for safe reopening.

Various tech companies are making digital reports that employers, airlines, and others can access on smartphones. This EU digital COVID certificate is free and can help authorities know the truth if a traveler is fully vaccinated or is immune after recovering from the disease.

However, here is everything you need to know about digital health passports.

What Is A Digital Health Passport?

A digital health passport, or health pass, generally refers to a document in digital format that authenticates a person is unlikely to spread a communicable disease. Even before 2020 health passes were used by some of the world’s airports as health screening equipment. It was used to detect probable individuals of particularly alarming viruses and people with symptoms were quarantined for some days or their entry was denied into the country or state.

But due to the effect of the current global pandemic, traditional health screening equipment might not be the best solution. They are not counterfeit-proof and allow potential carriers of the virus to enter regions and spread the virus.

Fortunately, modern technologies like Digital Health Passport allow for a convenient and, more importantly, counterfeit and tamper-proof digital health certificate. Its use could allow governments to lift certain restrictions induced by the pandemic, allowing people to travel by air, attend concerts, go to work or dine out.

In addition, Digital Health passes allow people to prove they are not carriers of the disease by showing verifiable digital documentation of test and vaccine data via their smartphones.

Where Is The Digital Health Passport Already In Use?

Different digital health passes have been tested by countries all over the world including New York, European Union, Singapore, Israel, Nordic countries, etc. 

Currently, many providers of digital health passport solutions, including HealthMatriX Technologies Pte. Ltd., are already collaborating with different governments and companies. The aim is to provide a way to reopen the economy. Moreover, HealthMatriX Technologies Pte. Ltd. is all set to provide unique health ids for individuals in the countries that opt for their secure solution- MatriX-iPass™.

Why The Digital Health Passport?

Digital Health Passport is designed to enable businesses to effectively verify the COVID-19 health credentials of employees, customers, fans, and travelers entering their site based on their own criteria.

Here are some reasons why a person should use the digital health certificate as proof of vaccination. They are as follows:

Trust and transparency: Individuals can manage their COVID-19 health credentials with an encrypted smartphone app.

Privacy and security: Users are in control of what they share while their data can be kept private and stored securely on their phones.

Data-driven: It has data-driven rules designed specifically for determining communicable disease condition requirements.

Flexible and agile: This technology is designed to help indicate multiple use cases and can work with existing systems.

How MatriX-iPass™ Can Help?

HealthMatriX Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based company dedicated to helping economies reopen safely through a secure and reliable digital health passport solution. MatriX-iPass™ – The company’s flagship product, aims to be the end-to-end solution for the management, security, and verification of test and vaccine data that can ensure a safe economic restart.

AI-Powered MatriX-iPass™ is a scalable solution that uses advanced technologies to protect user privacy. There is a Flexi Subscription plan which gives users the ability to save on subscription fees while still getting exactly the service they expect from the company

Who Can Get Benefits From MatriX-iPass™

General public – If you are searching for a protective milieu during work or travel, the digital pass can provide risk-free access to private and public premises.

Medical / Healthcare Organizations – It is also beneficial in maintaining health records and improving patient management.

Governments – If the government wants to manage disease tracking, test, and vaccination drives more effectively, digital certificates can help.

Event Venues – End-to-end MatriX-iPass™ solution can ensure a safe environment for employees/visitors and restart operations with confidence. 

Workplaces – Digital health passes can help in restarting operations while making your workers and customers safe from communicable diseases.

Travel, Tourism & Sports – MatriX-iPass™ can help reopen world travel with caution, care, and confidence.

Insurance – Users can even use digital health certificate solutions to verify health records for the enhanced Life Insurance Certificate issuance and claiming process.

From SMEs, the aviation industry, large multinationals to government contracts, MatriX-iPass™ can be scaled according to the client’s needs.

Digital Health Passports Will Continue To Grow 

With a secure and scalable option, organizations from the smallest business to the largest of countries have the means to protect their populations against current and future communicable diseases. Combined with innovative security provisions, HealthMatriX Technologies Pte. Ltd. has fully equipped its flagship product to meet the challenges of the data theft epidemic that is also plaguing the digital world.

However, this digital health passport tool is perfect to prove infectious disease invulnerability aid and can act as a revival key for different industries and boost travel limits.