Nowadays, more than 1.6 million Americans have diabetes. Every year, nearly 18 million people die from different diseases caused by diabetes. Almost 7.8 million people have diabetes but are not diagnosed yet.

As it is mentioned on the official website of the Center for disease control and prevention, Diabetes is a chronic disease that has a direct impact on how your body turns certain foods that you consume into energy.

The reason is that people’s food turns down into sugar and is released into the bloodstream. Once your blood sugar increases, your pancreas starts releasing insulin. Which is used by your body’s cells as a source of energy.

For diabetes, the human body does not make enough insulin and cannot use insulin properly. In case there is not enough insulin, a large amount of blood sugar stays in the human bloodstream by causing lots of serious health issues up to health disease, vision loss, or kidney disease.

Unfortunately, diabetes is still considered an incurable disease. However, several helpful tips can help people with diabetes deal with this disease much more easily. Among the most popular and productive ways for controlling your diabetes status are losing weight, eating healthy food, and maintaining the insulin index in your blood.

Nowadays, there are different methods for controlling the necessary level of insulin in your blood. However, one of the best ways to know how certain foods increase the insulin level in your blood after consuming certain foods.

The insulin index chart is one of the best ways of figuring out how certain types of foods can affect your blood’s insulin level during the first two hours after consuming them.

So let’s try to understand what makes this insulin index chart so important. By being aware of the glycemic index of foods, you can consume the right products solely with the lowest carbohydrate content. Thus, you will be able to control how your body responds to certain foods. Despite carbohydrate factors such as protein, fat and their interactions can also affect your dietary insulin index. Everything is pretty straightforward: the higher the insulin index of certain foods that you consume, the more insulin your body generates as a response.

Suppose you want to maintain a stable level of insulin in your blood. In that case, you should give your preference to foods that have lower insulinemic indices, hence reducing the possibility of getting metabolic syndromes.

The Food Insulin Index

As a rule, the insulin index presents the quantity of insulin that your body produces after consuming several foods for two hours. Generally, it ranges from 0 to 100. Just by comparing various foods with one another, you can quickly figure out how certain foods affect insulin in our blood.

For example, bread provides your organism with nearly 40% of your daily insulin, whereas garlic powder has just 3%. So, by calculating the exact number of insulin that you get from certain products, you can control the level of insulin in your blood. But, let’s dig deeper and understand how to use the advantages provided by the insulin index chart.

To avoid high levels of insulin in your blood, you should start consuming the right products/In this case, you can maintain the necessary level of insulin in your blood just by knowing which products provide your organism with more insulin.

By maintaining a positive level of insulin in your blood, you can avoid lots of serious diseases, keep a stable insulin level, and live long and healthy.

The importance of insulin index chart for diabetics

Hyperinsulinemia is the primary driver of insulin for the human body. To avoid issues such as an overabundance of insulin, people who have diabetes must avoid several types of food that can bring a considerable amount of insulin into their blood by reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, which mainly comes from refined carbs and sugars. Therefore, it is essential to check food’s insulin index when you are buying your daily nutrition.

Some Examples of Popular Foods With their Insulin Index:


  • Watermelon 84
  • Pear 45
  • Peach 39
  • Papaya 129
  • Banana 81
  • Grape 82
  • Apple 59


  • Chicken meat 29
  • Pork 19
  • Beef 19


  • Carrot 42
  • Broccoli 29
  • Pea 37
  • Potato 121
  • Pumpkin 77

Sea Food

  • Tuna 22
  • Swordfish 59
  • Cod 59


  • Rice 79
  • Brown rice 62
  • Bran 51
  • Millet 104
  • Couscous 84


  • Juice 55
  • Coca-cola 60
  • White wine 3
  • Beer 20


By summarizing our talk regarding the insulin index chart, we would like to mention it once again. The insulin index is a valuable aspect that allows you to check how much insulin is released into your blood after consuming certain foods. Just by maintaining a positive level of insulin in your blood, you will prevent lots of diseases specific to people who live with diabetes.

We have brought to your attention only a few positions from the insulin index chart. In reality, there are much more foods with the exact level of insulin number. By checking this chart daily, you can improve your way of living and avoid all of the health issues caused by diabetes.