When it comes to running a successful business, one thing we all need to do is bring our employees’ skills up to date. There are a variety of strategies to increase your employee’s performance, which will have a long-term impact on your company. This post will provide you with a checklist to help you enhance the performance of your employees in the medical industry.


Make sure their manners are impeccable

Manners are essential for the growth and development of your company. If a client is treated with poor manners or impoliteness by a member of staff, it will affect their decision to use your services again. For example, if you own a private dental surgery in your town and one of your employees is nasty to a customer, the person is unlikely to return or promote your surgery, even if your pricing is the best in town.

Sit down and consider how you want to market yourself as a company and how you want your employees to interact with clients. Whenever a new member of staff joins, make sure they understand and follow the standards you’ve established.

If you believe it is something that needs to be implemented at your workplace, hold a staff meeting and give a presentation on how you want things to change. If nothing changes after the discussion, notify your team that disciplinary action will be taken if the new instructions are not followed.

Of course, there will be instances when you have to deal with a grumpy or unpleasant customer. Teach your employees how to control themselves if they become too aggressive.

Give regular training

It’s also critical to keep your employees (and yourself!) up to speed on appropriate training so that they can accomplish their jobs properly. If you own a GP practice, for example, your doctors and other medical personnel such as nurses and health visitors will know what to do if someone is discovered on the floor, but will your administrative staff? Providing them with group CPR training on a yearly basis could save a life. Not only that, attending group training sessions helps build character and trust within your team and those are both essential components when it comes to efficiency.

It will not only help your clients and business, but it will also ensure that your employees are safe while performing their duties. You could be in danger if you don’t know how to handle a machine properly, and you could face a large lawsuit as a result.

Giving your employees whatever further training you can provide them will also benefit your company. If you can provide something that your competitors can’t, you’ll have a better chance of attracting customers.

Update your equipment regularly

Maintaining the most up-to-date equipment in the workplace is important to ensure that staff provides the finest service possible. Customers would likely look for another private dermatologist if your UVB machines weren’t of the highest quality possible. After all, this is the health of their skin that you’re dealing with.

Keep yourself aware of new equipment that is on the market so that your company can provide the greatest service to its clientele.

It’s also essential to have your equipment maintained on a regular basis so that any minor issues can be identified before they become larger (and more expensive!) concerns.

Keep a strict itinerary

Your employees will know exactly what they are supposed to be doing if you have a daily plan of action. Although you may trust your employees to use their initiative and perform what is required each day, it is a good idea to brief them at the start of their shift so that they have some parameters on what you want to be done that day. For example, if you need your administrator to follow up with a patient of yours to book them in for another appointment, you should make this clear at the start of the day.

Even the medical industry is a business that wants to make money, NHS or private. Setting goals for the business is another excellent suggestion. You might want to bring in a certain amount of money during the week, for example. Staff could be compensated in some way if and when this goal is met. This will also keep your team informed about what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Have empathy when it’s needed

We all have difficulties in our lives, and while we shouldn’t bring them to work, there are times when something happens that we can’t ignore for the entire workday. Allow your employees to come to you with an issue and provide them with the empathy they require. Allow them to resolve their concerns so that they can return to work and maintain the high standards you demand.

This will not only make your staff more comfortable working with you, but it will also increase their likelihood of staying with you, resulting in lower employee turnover. As you know very well, working in the medical industry is challenging, and this is an industry where you’ll need to be vigilant when spotting an employee who’s struggling.

Treating your employees with the same respect you want them to treat you can foster a positive working environment and keep your employees satisfied. Your employees will be more likely to accomplish their jobs to the best of their abilities if they are satisfied.

Time off

That’s right, you read that accurately. Allowing your employees to take the appropriate paid holiday allows them to return to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. Make sure you’re following the rules when it comes to how much holiday your employees can take.

Consider the job schedule as well. If someone appears to be working long shifts back-to-back, consider changing their schedule to allow them to relax and regenerate in between shifts.

Giving your employees what they need to accomplish their jobs properly is vital to the development of your company. Not only that but treating people fairly will foster a strong working connection and maintain a positive work environment. Try putting these suggestions into practice right now to discover whether your employees could be doing better in your company!

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