Personal trainers come with a ‘luxury’ label that can sometimes play down their importance. While yes, personal trainers are regularly used by celebrities and wealthy individuals to help them get into their fitness goals, there’s a lot more to personal training than that.

PT services can help those with complex needs to help them improve their fitness, restore their mobility, and most importantly, find their self-confidence again. 

How can PTs provide a more personal experience to those clients battling injuries and other conditions? The following can be a good place to start.

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Understanding not just the client’s goals, but getting to know their background too

Getting to understand your client’s needs can help them get the most out of your sessions together. It’s not just about understanding what their goals are but learning more about their background too. Your first session can involve getting to know them, and making sure that you’re fully prepared to offer them the help and coaching they need.

Many people can struggle with exercise due to various reasons, leading them to give up after a period. By putting in the research to tailor their training program, you can help them to finally reach their goals.

A full experience that encourages better habits

Clients deserve a full experience from their trainer – which includes a thorough warm-up and cool-down period. While the main focus of your session will center around different exercises, it’s important to help clients in other ways too. Achieving PNF stretching certification will help you learn effective techniques to help your clients stretch properly – something that can really help to relieve injuries, and prevent new ones. 

It’s important that clients feel confident about their technique and how to exercise effectively, it will benefit them if they ever decide to give training on their own a try. Providing them with information and guidance as to how the exercises improve their bone and muscle health can give them the knowledge that helps keep them motivated.

Enhancing training to provide additional services

A PT’s aim is to push and motivate clients to reach their goals. But are you giving yourself the same push? As a PT, you have many routes you can go down to enhance the services you provide. 

Being able to provide nutritional advice is one way PTs can help their clients enhance their total health. Training alone may not be enough to reach a weight or strength goal – nutrition is important too. You could also consider supplementary services like sports massage and other therapies that can benefit your clients. 

Building up trusted relationships

Keeping your client motivated is one of the most challenging parts of being a personal trainer. But by helping to build trust and good relationships, you can help them keep up their routine and meet their goals. There’s a lot you can learn about building strong client relationships to help both you and your clients get the most from your sessions.

A good PT is one that goes the extra mile to help their clients. With personal training providing so much more than just help to train, how can you work to put the ‘personal’ in personal training?

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