Maintaining a healthy life is key to your happiness – both physically and mentally. Modern technology can help you with that while also monitoring your overall health condition. So, why not try some of these gadget essentials for a healthier life?

A sleep-aid device can help you get to sleep, and the solar VR will amaze you through relaxing virtual meditation at home. Using a blood pressure monitor will let you keep your heart health in check, while red-light therapy (RLT) is famous for increasing your body’s metabolic activity. You can also use a smartwatch to monitor your pulse rate and blood oxygen level while tracking your daily exercise routines.

I’ll be sharing my experiences with 7 such technologies and gadgets that have helped me lead a healthier and better life. 

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

If you’re a patient suffering from hypertension, it’s pertinent that you need to keep a gadget like this near you at all times. These monitors are pretty handy and can even be used as wearables on the arm or wrist.

I personally like a smart digital blood pressure monitor that can measure blood pressure levels swiftly and display the result on my phone. That way, my doctor can use this metric as an indicator for many apparent health conditions.

 It’s not just for diagnosed patients. As a health-conscious individual, I just like to keep my blood pressure levels in check from  

  • Red Light Therapy

Primarily, I discovered Red Light Therapy while researching how to recover damaged tissues and cells.

I found that it was initially prescribed only under medical supervision. But there FDA approved devices being dispatched for anyone in need of it.

Other than helping you sleep, red light therapy comes with a stack of benefits.

Starting from healing, improving certain skin conditions like Psoriasis, and much more. These are usually found in your dermatologists’ offices and wellness clinics, but now you can get Red Light Therapy at home.

Here are a few varying ranges of LED therapy light devices you can try out.

  • Solas VR

The concept behind Solas VR is pretty famous, and it’s deemed effective for virtual meditation. I found that I can comprehend my most inner thoughts and emotions better with the help of this VR meditation technology. 

The Solas VR V3 is my best bet in this segment as it’s just radically life-changing. You can control your negative thoughts and stay mindful through the process of meditation through VR. It’ll also boost your brainpower. 

In addition, you can use Solas VR  coupled with red-light therapy for reaping all the extra benefits! 

  • Hyperice Vyper

Basically, Hyoerice Vyper is a foam roller that can provide high-frequency vibration. I found that when I’m going through some heavy workouts, the device will help me relax my muscles. I have even sometimes used to warm up before workouts.

The Hyperice Vyper works amazingly to strengthen the bone marrow too. So with this innovative technology, your workouts will hopefully be more effective than ever!

  • Smart Watch

There’s not much to talk about when it comes to smartwatches. The technology behind these fitness trackers has taken the world by storm!

I personally prefer something like an apple watch series 6, but you can go for some other brand as well. Modern smartwatches have unique features like monitoring oxygen rate, heart rate, speed, and jogging distance all at the same time. 

 You can get an idea of your current health status through these devices and keep your fitness regime in check.

  • Clear-Up

The Civic clear-up device works as a painkiller for sinus pain. Using the device is pretty simple. All I needed to do was just hold the device against my cheekbone, nose, or eyebrows for 10 seconds.

The device will automatically release microwave frequencies to detect and comfort nearby sensory neurons. Trust me when I say that it works better than painkiller drugs, sprays, or even steam treatments!

  • Dodow Sleep Aid Device

The Dodow sleep aid device is one of my top favorites. Not because I’m an insomniac, but because I stress, which can sometimes take my sleep away. 

Well, not anymore! I can just put on the Dodow sleep aid device and follow its rhythm with my breathing. It removes all my stress and tension for the time being.  I can relax my muscles and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

 You can give it a try if you have trouble sleeping at night or can’t seem to put your mind at ease for some reason.

Bottom Line

This was my personal take on some of my favorite gadgets for a healthier life.

In addition, I tried to compile a list of the most innovative fitness gadgets that will prove helpful to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Try out something like the Solas VR coupled with Red Light Therapy, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Once you start seeing the difference in your health.