Yes, drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for optimal health. Studies have shown that around 50 to 70 percent of the human body mass is entirely dependent on water intake. It is crucial to consume enough amount of water because dehydration does not support the vital functions of your body.

You may even have heard about several other benefits of water. So, to get all those hydrating benefits, you need to stick with an online water intake calculator that tells how much water should you drink each day. Well, explore the top 5 hydration apps that assist you in drinking enough amount of water to meet your daily water intake goals.

Drink Water Reminder & Tracker for Hydration:

Now, you people can meet your water intake goals with this handy water tracker and reminder. It is indicated as the simple, but fair way to calculate daily water intake according to your activity level. This water reminder is 100% free that reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Also, you could bookmark a free water intake calculator by that indicated as the fairway to estimate the amount of water according to your body weight, PAL (Physical Activity Level), and even weather conditions. Experts depicted that proper hydration is immensely important for the human body and skin health, and even the best way to reduce extra pounds. Well, remember that this water per day calculator will even motivate people to consume an adequate amount of water on a daily basis. However, this water drink calculator swiftly reminds people about the drinking water in time, simply it suggests the fluid amount that you ought to intake for proper hydration.

Hydro – Water Drink Reminder:

Hydro is the perfect water intake calculator app that also tells you how much water you actually need to consume to meet your water intake goals. Also, this water reminder app is loaded with reminders, hydration charts to swiftly monitor your water intake, cross-device syncing, cloud backup support, and even supports ten different languages. The pro version of this hydration app removes advertising and provides you with additional backup options.

This handy app ensures regular hydration, remember that regular consumption of enough water may increase efficiency and vitality, and even affect your overall health and condition.

WaterMinder –Best Water Tracker and Drink Reminder App:

This water hydration calculator app and tracker lets you view your hydration balance progress, get motivated by reminders, calculate water goals, achieve daily hydration goals, and much more. This water intake calculator is an easy and intuitive app that assists people to track water intake and even reminds them to stay hydrated throughout the day. The water intake calculations depend on your body weight, activity level, weather (or simply your own custom personal goal). This water per day calculator is the best way to remind people to consume water to reach their daily basis hydration goals.

You should need to stay hydrated because:

  • muscles contain around 75% water
  • the brain contains 90% water
  • blood contains 83% water
  • And, bones contain 22% water

Water Reminder App – Daily Drink Intake Tracker:

Yes, this water intake calculator app reminds you to drink water at regular intervals and even keeps your health in check. In simple terms, you ought to stick with this water drink calculator to monitor your water intake regularly. So, say goodbye to dehydration and stay always hydrated by using this water reminder app.

No doubt that hydration is a key role in optimal health levels, and the water intake app does provide you the boost of hydration that it always demands. The powerful feature of this hydration app assists you with the hydration reminder, which means your body meets with the desired h2O it demands to have.

This handy app is designed for all age groups of people, install this water tracker and take a sip at every reminder right now. Thumbs Up!

Waterful: drink water tracker:

Account with the best water tracker and stay hydrated! Know exactly when it’s the best time to drink fluid and you will fight your dehydration with this water intake calculator. Unlike another hydration reminder, this tool is packed with stunning features and drinking reminders for free of cost.

Are you consuming a gallon of water each day? Quit worrying, our water drink app quickly estimates your personal drinking goals corresponding to your weight, gender, activity, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Even this free water drink app performs hydration calculations according to weather conditions. Stick with this app and keep dehydration at bay.

  • Also, you could choose an automatic h2O alarm or simply add custom dehydration reminders to keep your water intake balanced. This tool assists you to add your wake-up and bedtime, so you can readily rest well with no reminders. Also, you could snooze or turn off your drinking notifications (if required)

Stick with any one of the above-mentioned water intake calculator apps to stay properly hydrated. Good Luck!