The medical field is as wide and diverse as the number and demographics of people it serves on an annual basis. Someone hoping to make the most of a medical career will no doubt feel a little overwhelmed by how many potential pathways there are towards this field, and what space they would like to occupy within it. Of course, there are some great standard approaches, such as taking a medical degree at a brick-and-mortar university. 

It could also be that taking specialized and thorough courses, qualifying you for a particular role you can then specialize from, could be a great path forward. This is especially true in fields that are continually hiring with a fantastic employment outlook. 

Family nurse practitioners are considered some of the most well-rounded and useful medical caregivers within their industry. They diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, administer treatments, and more, but also provide thorough pediatric, orthopedic, and long-term care if necessary too. These examples only scratch the surface of the wide array of roles and diverse list of career specializations they can take part in.

For this reason, training as a family nurse practitioner could be a fantastic step forward into a long and illustrious medical career, helping you directly care for thousands of people over the course of that time. The following infographic showcases just how much potential this role provides:

Infographic Design By: Carson-Newman University

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