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Keeping track of your medications is challenging, especially when you have a busy day. Even on the best of days, it can still be hard to remember to take your pills on time. There are also times when you are unsure if you had your medication or not.

Not taking medications on time can impose negative effects and may worsen your current health condition. It might cause virus mutation and resistance to the effects of the drug you are taking. According to the epidemiological data, there is a significant increase in the evolution and spread of multidrug-resistant organisms over the past 50 years.

So if you want to be better about taking your medications, then consider using medical apps.

How to Choose the Best Medication Reminder Apps

You need to look for various things when you’re searching for the best medication reminder app for you. Here are three things that you should keep in mind.


You might get everything you need with a medication reminder app that doesn’t have complex functionality. However, if you want to make the most out of your medication reminder app, you should ensure that it can answer your other needs.

Customer Review

Before downloading or getting the premium version of a medication reminder app, it’s a good idea to look at user reviews first. Looking at the overall rating on the app store should give you a good idea.

Price Comparison

Some of the medication reminder apps might be free while others aren’t. Some free ones offer limited functionality but will give you full access to the functionality if you pay. Try the free versions first before opting to buy the Premium version.

Corporate Partnerships

This is one factor that is often overlooked. However, some medical apps are in partnership with pharmacies to ensure the convenience of acquiring your prescriptions. Meanwhile, these pharmacies work with pharmaceutical and medical supplies distributors so they can have access to an array of supplies and equipment, manage costs, and enhance patient treatment.

It can be helpful if you can manage to dig into your app’s corporate partners, suppliers, and distributors to ensure if the medications you’re getting come from a trusted brand.

6 Medical Apps That You can Use

In case knowing what factors to consider when looking for a medication reminder app is not enough, here are some of our recommendations:


EllieGrid is a unique app as it comes with an innovative pill organizer that connects to an app on your phone, so it’s a physical pill organizer and app at once. It costs $149 for the small pillbox, including the app itself.

Aside from having a more decked-out pill organizer, the EllieGrid also helps prevent alarm fatigue. This is possible by tracking your activity and turning on the alarms at what it deems as a more convenient time for you.

It’s one of a kind in the medical apps industry.


Aside from keeping track of when you take your meds, apps like PillPack can help you track when to restock on the meds you need.

PillPack is an online pharmacy service app that will regularly dose out your needed medications. That way, they will arrive at your doorstep every month when you need them. Doing so reduces your need to go to the pharmacy with this app constantly.


MyMeds is another medication management and adherence app that sends email, text reminders and push notifications to take your meds.

One standout feature of MyMeds is that it enables you to invite friends and family to view your medication progress. You can thus also ask your primary care physician to view your medication progress so that they have an idea of how well you’ve been taking them.


When it comes to the best apps for medication reminders and prescriptions or pills organizers, Medisafe is one of the best there is. With over five million users, Medisafe is a popular option for medical apps that can help you keep track of your medication that’s out now.

Medisafe has partnerships with a plethora of pharmacies and manufacturers to ensure that patients get the most accurate information possible for their medication.

One of the app’s well-received features is the video tutorials that detail critical information about each medication. This includes everyday use and side effects.

Medisafe has a lot of functionality, but you can use as much or as little of it, depending on what you want, so you’ll find this useful.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts helps remind you of when to take your meds and acts as a pharmacy. Anytime you need a refill, order your refills through the app.

It would be even more beneficial if your health insurance is part of the app’s benefit plan. That way, it’s more accessible to both track medicine intake and order prescriptions in one place.

Mango Health

Mango Health helps you have a better idea about the medications that you’re taking and how they interact with one another. Of course, the Mango Health app reminds you to take your medicines on time routinely.

It can even help you track your healthy habits and remind you to do your daily diligence.

These medical apps help you stay on track with your medications. This is regardless of the usual hubbub of your everyday life. Of course, it’s still up to your preferences and needs which app you should install and invest in the most, so test these out first. That way, you take control of the management of your health in more ways than one.