Custom foot orthotics for foot pain

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Custom foot orthotics are gradually becoming a popular choice for foot pain management. They are helpful for people who spend hours on their feet due to professional or personal obligations.  Slipping a corrective insole inside the shoes reduces foot pain. Alternatively, these insoles provide the support required to power through the day without discomfort.

If your foot pain makes movement uncomfortable, these specially designed insoles can facilitate natural recovery. We outline the benefits of orthotics and the value they offer compared to generic orthotic inserts below.

What Are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are removable shoe inserts designed to treat individual injuries/diseases, correct structural differences, and improve the biomechanics of your lower limbs. They feature shock-absorbing and cushioning qualities that support your lower foot. 

Bespoke designs are created with plaster cast molds or 3-D laser scans. These techniques take an impression of your foot to create insoles that match your foot dimensions. Adjustments are made on prototypes to create a snug design that relieves pressure and alleviates foot pain.

What Type of Foot Conditions Can Orthotics Treat?

Specialists can prescribe these special insoles for foot pain relief, improving abnormal gait, extra support, and rectifying foot alignment. They are equally advantageous for treating foot deformities and diseases.

These include:

  •     Achilles’ feet
  •     Bunions
  •     Bursitis
  •     High arches
  •     Flat feet
  •     Foot injuries (caused by an accident or progressive wear and tear of the tissues)
  •     Knee pain (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis)
  •     Plantar fasciitis 

Moreover, these strategically designed insoles can relieve pressure on the affected area.  

Custom Foot Orthotics vs. Off-the-Rack Orthotics

The availability of over-the-counter orthotics might make you wonder whether or not custom orthotics are worth the price. 

Here are some important points to consider before purchase:

Are Custom Foot Orthotics Worth It?

Store-bought orthotics might be budget-friendly, but from a health perspective, they won’t always provide the medical benefits of orthotics. Prefabricated insoles aren’t designed to address your unique foot challenges. That means they aren’t reliable enough to correct specific foot problems.

These orthotics might work for more general types of foot pain, but they can cause more pain if you have a medical condition. That’s why most patients feel more comfortable with a customized shoe insole. Not only do they fit well, but they’re also designed to align with your medical needs. 

Moreover, their premium-quality and customized details make them relatively more durable than off-the-rack orthotics.

Q. How Long Do Custom Foot Orthotics Last?

On average, high-quality custom foot orthotics can last for one to five years. That means you can wear the same pair of orthotics until you no longer need foot support.

Our experts strongly advise users to schedule yearly checkups with specialists to assess the functionality of their custom foot orthotics. That’s because wearing corrective footwear can modify your foot structure and tissues. Due to this, your orthotics might need adjustments.

Besides this, the durability of custom foot orthotics depends on how often you wear your orthotics and the way you maintain them.  For example, if these corrective insoles are part of your daily footwear, they might get worn off faster. In contrast, insoles you wear occasionally will stay in their original condition longer.

Always assess the insole condition and replace them accordingly.

Q. What Type of Shoes Work with  Custom Foot Orthotics?

Despite popular belief, wearing orthotics doesn’t mean clunky, unappealing shoes.  Many brands have an orthotic-friendly footwear range to accommodate medical requirements.

You can also look for shoes that have:

  •     A low heel height
  •     Wide and firm midsole
  •     A soft foot bed
  •     Adequate depth and width for your feet
  •     A heel counter for ankle support

In short, you can wear whatever you want as long as your shoes have sufficient space for your insoles and a comfortable design. We can’t say the same for prefabricated insoles as they might only work for specific shoes.

All in all, custom foot orthotics are a reliable, dependable, and durable remedy for foot pain.  Plus, modern advancements ensure that they don’t dampen your style when you step out of the house.

In a Nutshell

The benefits of orthotics are many. These insoles are a discreet yet effective option to overcome the pain, restriction in movement, and other physical challenges you may experience. Bespoke designs of custom foot orthotics enhance these advantages. They offer more comfort and ease too.  Consequently, providing enough support and control to keep your feet healthy.

However, always consult your primary healthcare provider (or a specialist) for advice like any remedy. They can share medical insights to ensure that your orthotic choice proves favorable for your feet.