Every third person in the world lacks one or more teeth, as per statistics. You can lose teeth at any age, and the reasons for the same are many. These may either be due to poor heredity, trauma, improper dental care, or gum diseases.

Dentists in Edmonton exclaim the importance of oral health professionals for addressing a wide variety of problems. One such treatment for missing teeth is dental implants.

Dental Implants- What are they?

A dental implant is a structure that replaces a missing tooth. Using screw-like devices, the surgeon places an implant onto the jawbone. And, this further acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth, popularly known as a crown.

The abutment is a device that connects the artificial tooth to the dental implant. Know that this crown is custom-made, which fits into the person’s mouth and matches the tooth’s color. The best part about crowns is that these look, feel, and function just like natural teeth.

Implants- What are their Benefits?

The less frequent you go to the dentist, the more damage you do to your teeth. It is because your body’s health depends on the condition of your teeth. Changes in gum diseases, bite, problems with chewing food, and the risk of losing teeth can all lead to gastrointestinal disorders.

But, an expert Edmonton Dentist says that modern medicine helps in restoring a beautiful smile. And, these methods are painless and much more effective. Also, these are natural and very comfortable and have a higher success rate.

With dental implants, the chewing function improves, and these lead to lower cavities risk. While many people complain of tooth sensitivity, the best part is that the sensitivity in the nearby teeth also decreases. You also won’t have to take the artificial teeth out for regular cleaning.

What is the Procedure for the Treatment?

Every person tends to encounter a different experience during implant surgery. Some factors that influence this are the number of teeth requiring replacement, implant location within the jaw, quality and quantity of bone in the jaw, and oral health.

After subsequent study of these conditions, a dentist may see if there is a need for the additional procedure. These may include sinus augmentation or ridge modification.

How much does the Dentistry Procedure Cost?

The dental implant surgery cost varies and depends on several factors, as stated above. Usually, the dentist performs the initial examination for estimating the surgery costs.

Some other tooth replacement options include bridges. Although these are less expensive, they are hard to clean. Also, these require apt repair and replacement, which in turn increases the overall cost.

Thus, implants are a lucrative option with long-term benefits, provided they take good care of them.

The Verdict

Dental implants are fixtures for replacing missing teeth. What’s even better is that these have a high success rate and swear to provide long-term benefits. Some people may need additional procedures for preparing their mouth and teeth for dental implants, which increases the overall cost.

Thereby, it is always wise to reach out to an Edmonton dentist to know the number and type of implants required!