Many of us enjoy morning coffee. It gives the energy boost that wakes us up, fades away the rest of sleep, and powers up focus. There are many other food supplements that have practically the same effect as caffeine does, but not many know there are other ways to stimulate cognitive abilities without the risk of suffering from intoxication or developing dependence. Energy patches might be a smart solution for those in search of alternatives. FeelZing neurostimulation energy patches are one of those options. Let’s have a look at the subject a little closer: what are neurostimulation patches, how do you use them, and most importantly – how do they work. 

What is the purpose of an energy patch? 

Energy patch is a device that stimulates brain activity. It was developed relying on many years of research involving top-tier specialists and engineering equipment. The patch is small, cheap, yet a very effective replacement for harmful supplements. By placing the patch behind an ear, it stimulates the nervous system via micro-electrical impulses. Just one seance of 7 minutes can boost up your brain energy levels up to 8 hours ahead. 

How does the stimulation feel?

Insignificant electrical impulses are usually felt like little tangible tingling you would normally get from some electronic massage devices. The vibration behind the ear might seem like a little intimidating sensation, but as users get used to it, it almost becomes unnoticeable. Unless you do swimming or some other active sports during the session, the device should not restrain the movement. The effects from stimulation come significantly faster compared to nutritional energizers. 

What is FeelZing energy patch made of?

The configuration of the FeelZing neurostimulation patch is simple and straightforward. Compact soft plastic casing, silicon non-allergic sticky part, a combination of power electrodes and the tiny circuit board that produces the impulse, and a non-replaceable/non-rechargeable li-ion power element. The product comes into a disposable plastic package.

How this all works?

Electric impulses that power the device deliver energy waves to autonomous nervous system centers in our brain. These signals stimulate the nervous system in a non-stressful way. This also helps spark up neuron activity and increase attention to detail, focus, and other important features of our mind. 

FeelZing delivers electric impulses formed into patterns right to the centers of the brain responsible for the autonomous nervous system. These impulses stimulate nerves to up-regulate and balance the neuron activity and optimize the work of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Auricular and lesser occipital nerves located on the mastoid area deliver impulses to the necessary brain sections to temporarily enhance the above-mentioned functions. 

There’s a reason our bodies are often called ‘biomachines’. In fact, our systems have very similar working mechanisms to electrically-powered devices. Humans and machines both have modules (organs), both use electrical signals for operation and processing (thinking). Inside our brain, the neurons that are responsible for signal transition can be stimulated by external sources like an energy patch to increase the speed of neural connections or, in some cases, cure anomalies. 

Scientific proof of concept 

FeelZing patch is a product of Thync company that invited top-tier neurologists, engineers, and developers to produce an effective solution for brain stimulation. The development took years of research, testing, and scientific papers regarding peripheral nervous system examination. One of the team’s main objectives was to ensure the product was well-researched and well-built to ensure the safety and effectiveness of FeelZing patches.