Neck and facelifts are some of the most frequently undergone treatments in the plastic surgery industry. Most times, those people who have reached a certain number in their age and want to reduce the anti-aging, go for neck upliftments. Neck lifting is not an easy task, and these procedures require experienced surgeons, and some do’s, and don’ts to avoid complications. While going for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, you should look for an experienced plastic surgeon. After all, cosmetic procedures leave a permanent change on your face, and nobody will ever want to take risks with that.

When do you need Necklift Surgery?

After a certain age, the skin around the neck starts sagging. Most people who want skin rejuvenation go for skin tightening to improve the signs of aging. This neck lift surgery can make a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of the face. The main target areas of the surgery are the jawline and clavicle. This method focuses on the outer layer of the skin, the third layer, and the next layer.

The procedure includes the removal of the excess skin which is known as cervicoplasty. It also involves removing the excess fat around the neck known as liposuction. There is a muscle in the neck called platysma having no functional value rather than making you look older. So, all these procedures are involved in the Necklift surgery process.

Removal of excess fat via liposuction

As mentioned before too, this process of removal of accumulated fat around the neck is called liposuction. If you want to go for this, you must consult your doctor and prepare your mind before undergoing multiple procedures. Probably this procedure takes an hour, and that is why you need to take pre-operative consultation. This process involves an incision, and after the operation, doctors do proper bandages.

Removal of excess skin via Cervicoplasty

If you or your loved ones are fed up with the sagging or too much skin in the neck area, then this is the right time to opt for cervicoplasty. Your experienced plastic surgeon will trim the excess sagging skin around your neck to uplift the neck area. The procedure takes 2- 3 hours, but it can even vary depending on the complexity of the method. It is needful to have pre-operative consultation if you have specific allergies to some medicines.

Tightening the loose muscles

No one likes the appearance of neck bands, and these are also called Turkey Wattle. Usually, in these issues, surgeons recommend going for platysmaplasty surgery. With the incisions in this surgery, doctors can effortlessly manipulate the neck muscles to improve the neck appearance. It involves small incisions, and doctors generally give local anesthesia. Patients can discuss with their doctor which anesthesia to use. As in some cases, patients do not want to sleep completely or sedate.

Recovery from Necklift

The majority has this question of how to recover from Necklift surgery successfully. The answer to this question is periodic doctor visits and following the prescribed list of dos. The neck lift gets successful only after the full recovery of the patient. To fully recover from any cosmetic surgery, you need to follow the post-surgical advice of your surgeon.

You can experience some mild pain and soreness and the feeling of being numb. However, these side effects are temporary and common in neck lift procedures. You can speed up the healing and recovery process by recharging your body with plenty of fluids and proper nutrition. Moreover, staying from drugs, alcohol, and all forms of nicotine can speed up your recovery process.


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