Radon is a radioactive gas that can’t be sensed nor viewed. Instead, it initiates with uranium, a heavy metal found in the ground and many rocks on the planet. Heavy metal is found in the ground and most of the rocks on the planet. As soon as the uranium decomposes, it gets converted into another metal called radium. 

As soon as the radium decomposes, it becomes Radon. So, let us find in this article how Radon affects your health. But, first, let us know about the thick and the things of the Radon:

How Does Radon Affect Your Health? 

Whenever you breathe in Radon, it penetrates the lining of the lungs and thereby gives off the radiation. Over a long duration, it can damage the cells there and lead to lung cancer. It is the second biggest reason for lung cancer after cigarette smoking. 

If you inhale a large amount of Radon and smoke, there can be chances of lung cancer. With the help of the Radon Mitigation System, you can reduce the radon level in the home to a greater extent. 

What Can Be The Major Symptoms Of Radon Exposure?

There are no specific symptoms of radon exposure. The symptoms show up after many years. Lung cancer can start as an initial cough, and in adverse conditions, it can lead to shortness of breath which does not go away. Many other symptoms might include coughing up blood or having chest pain, or losing weight for no reason. 

If you notice any of such symptoms, you need to consult a doctor. There can be a routine medical test that can tell whether you have inhaled more of the Radon. Also, there are no such treatments that are clear today.

How Can One Get Exposed To Radon?

Many old buildings like the home, schools, or office buildings are built into the ground. If there are any cracks in the floors or walls or small openings for the pipes or the wires that are not fully sealed, Radon can come off with the soil and get indoors. 

So it can gradually get inserted into the enclosed area, the radon levels are mostly the highest in the basements and crawl spaces because they are closest to the ground. Most of the buildings, apartments made of concrete as well as wallboard, are made from natural materials that give off the Radon. 

So are the granite countertops. But a large amount of these sources give off, which is mostly low. It can also raise the radon level in the home, not too much. Also, your job might contact Radon, especially when you work underground or with phosphate fertilizers.

How Can One Protect Oneself?

The best way to protect oneself is to test your home or office with the help of a radon test kit. Some can measure a few levels, while others can accumulate the data for at least a few months. You can also leave a minute measuring device in the room and then send it to the lab. 

You can also hire an expert to test your home or any workplace for you. Radon is measured in the picocuries. Anything greater than the four picocuries needs the proper action. If you get the results, you can run the short or long-term test for sure.

If the levels are still high, you can contact the certified experts in context with the repairs to the home or the office. It also includes the sealing cracks or the installation of the ventilation system so that the Radon cannot get trapped in the interiors. 


Hopefully, now you know how dangerous radon exposure could be for your health. It is high time to educate yourself about radon exposure symptoms and take preventive measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Give yourself and your family protection from the radon test kit at the most cost-effective price. A proper radon mitigation system should be installed to protect our homes.