Not a single woman likes visiting a gynecologist or obstetrician. Apart from the terrifying feeling associated with the examination you have to go through, you may have worries about getting some bad news about your health and well-being. For this reason, you may only visit a gynecologist or obstetrician when you have a problem or notice some unusual symptoms. Lauren E. Spoo, MD, offers a different experience from what you may have gone through in the past. An annual visit to a good gynecologist can help you keep your reproductive health in check and prevent or control some conditions.

This article looks at some of the common reasons you should visit a women’s specialist for frequent obgyn checks. Read on for more.

Why Visit a Gynecologist

Before you start going to a gynecologist, you need to find one you can trust with your health. You should not feel scared when you think of visiting a women’s specialist, yet many women feel nervous once you step into their offices.

If you have a problem with the gynecologists you have visited before, you may need a change. Once you find a gynecologist that makes you feel comfortable, you can go for regular checkups. Some of the reasons why you should visit a gynecologist or obstetrician include:

  • Preventive Care Examinations

Instead of treating common gynecological problems, women’s specialists focus on ensuring that you lead a healthy life and develop no severe issues that can affect your reproductive health. During your visit, you can talk to your obstetrician about any problems that trouble you. Use it as an opportunity to get as much information as possible until your next visit. The most effective way to maintain your health is by preventing potential problems.

  • Discussing Birth Control Options

If you use birth control, you should religiously visit a women’s specialist. With time, your body goes through different changes, and the birth control that once worked well may not work anymore. A gynecologist can advise you appropriately on the best steps to take, depending on your case. They can also conduct the required examinations to provide you with conclusive answers.

Additionally, the birth control market keeps expanding, and new options come up every few months so you can learn about some better options than what you currently use.

  • Regular Breast Examinations

Apart from gynecological examinations, a women’s specialist checks your breasts for any health problems. While you can do it at home, having a professional do it comes with a more reassuring effect. If you notice anything unusual, you can notify your gynecologist, who will conduct further tests and examinations to determine the specific problem.

  • Pregnancy-Related Visits

If you are expectant, a yearly visit to a women’s specialist may not cut it. Pregnancy represents a particular time in your life, so you must make regular visits. They have the training and knowledge to provide you with the care needed during this special time. Depending on your health and well-being, they may recommend monthly, even weekly in some cases, visits to monitor the progress of both you and your unborn baby.

In summary, every woman needs to visit a women’s specialist at least once every year. They can conduct preventive care and breast examinations to determine any problems and prevent any potential issues. They can also help with birth control issues and help you through pregnancy.