Choosing a Dentist for your dental treatment is not so difficult if you do your research. You must be aware that Dr. Marvin Taylor is one of the best dentists in Waterford. So, Let’s discuss how you can make a good decision for your dental treatment. 

  • Referrals

Ask your friends and family members for suggestions on some of the best dentists. You can also check online reviews available in search engines and their official website. Create a list of a handful of dentists.

  • Check Credentials

Now, check the credentials of the dentists who are there on your list.   Board certification is a significant criterion while selecting a doctor for you. You can also read about the certifications that dentists have. It will give you a fair idea of the specialty of that dentist.

  • Experience Matters

Dentistry is an art, and the more experienced a dentist is, the more skilled he becomes. So check the years of experience those dentists have. Experienced doctors will give you the best possible treatment. Even a tooth extraction will be painless if done by a skilled dentist.

  • Gender

Check if you are comfortable with opposite-gender dentists. Gender does not decide the skill of a dentist but your comfort level matters as you will have multiple appointments with your dentist. So, if you are comfortable with your dentist, you can discuss your dental problems more freely.

  • Telehealth Option

During this pandemic, having an online consultation seems easy if you only need to get advice. So check with the dental office staff if there is a scope of online consultation. But one aspect that you need to keep in mind while going for a telehealth appointment is whether your insurance company will pay for an online consultation or not. 

  • Friendly

Choose a dentist who is friendly and listens to your dental problems empathetically. Don’t go to a dentist who is always in a hurry to finish your appointment and see the next patient without listening to you properly.

  • Insurance Coverage

Check with your insurance agent whether it covers the expenses of that dentist. Some insurance companies don’t pay you for cosmetic treatments. So make sure you make it clear before going for the treatment.


A dentist is going to take care of your oral health. So make sure you choose a good dentist for you.