If you’re a good dentist, you are focused on your dental work, patients, and all things teeth-related so you could offer the best services to your patients. That’s why they trust you with their teeth! And that’s also why you’re not focused on your marketing – you just don’t have the time. 

But, you kinda have to have good marketing! The good, old sign at the door just doesn’t cut it anymore as 77% of people start their search for a dentist online. And you want to be where they can find you. 

The era of digital marketing for dentists is already here and investing in digital marketing is not a preference anymore – it’s mandatory. Luckily enough, we are here to share some of our dental office marketing ideas and strategies with you so more people can find you and you get more patients.

Optimize Your Dental Office Business Pages 

First things first – make sure all your information on your existing business pages and profiles is optimized. Include your information like phone number, address, and a map so it’s easier for them to find you. Make a Google My Business page if you don’t have one already and optimize your website – 88% of those who have booked an appointment have visited the website!

Make Booking a Dental Appointment Easy

Did you know that most healthcare-related searches are done on a mobile phone? So, make all your pages mobile-friendly or create ads specifically for mobile. 

Another thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to make booking an appointment at your dentist’s office easy for your patients. If they have to exit the page to make a call to a number they must copy or memorize, they may give up. So, use click-to-call options on your mobile pages. This can be made possible by integrating a scheduling API service.

Use Local Awareness Ads on Facebook

Facebook has a great targeting system! Let’s say you have a dental office in Chicago and you want to advertise. No good marketing ideas for a dental office will help you get new patients if you don’t hit the right mile radius. A great commercial means nothing if people from California see it. So, take advantage of Facebook’s Local Awareness ads and hit your local audience. 

Target Your Preferred Dental Patients 

Facebook has such an amazing demographic targeting system that does wonders for dental office marketing. You can target an audience by interest, relationship status, language, employment, and income, among others. For example, you can target higher-income people for more expensive advanced dental services like veneers or teeth whitening and target the lower-income demographics for basic dental care.

Marketing Ideas for a Pediatric Dental Office 

Who decides where kids go for dental services? Moms do! Research shows that women are the ones who make around 90% of dental buying decisions. So, target women on Facebook and Instagram, and target women who have children and already show interest in kids’ stuff. Targeting makes this so easy.

Don’t Just Create Ads – Create Lasting Relationships

Social media is just that – social. People go there to connect with other people and brands. So, don’t just create ads like a salesman. After all, you are a doctor and you care for your patients – show them this! Create interesting posts with fun facts or advice wrapped in eye-catching visuals. It’s a form of aftercare for your patients and they will appreciate it. 

Be Present on Your Social Media

There’s nothing that the algorithm likes more than a frequent poster so you need to become one. And there’s nothing that your followers like more than a business that is responsive to their questions and inquiries. So, answer all their questions and acknowledge their comments on your social media profiles – it really goes a long way. Your patients will stay loyal to your office and others will come to your office.

If You Need Help – Contact a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Dental Office

If you are too busy and you want to stick to what you do best, dental work – enlist a digital marketing agency to help you out with marketing. If you are a small business owner, you don’t have to have an in-house designer, social media manager, writer, or AI tools necessary. All of that will come with a marketing package from a digital marketing agency. With their help, you can focus on your job and take your business to the next level!