Cosmetic plastic surgeries are not unheard of and people all over the world are slowly waking up to some of these procedures. To the surprise of many, there are not just one or two types of cosmetic surgeries. With the advancement in technology and the growth of the medical sector, cosmetic plastic surgeries have grown into various branches. Many of these would be known to you while some are relatively new and would come to you as a surprise.

What are these surgeries? Let’s find out!

Breast Augmentation

A procedure that increases or changes the shape and size of breasts, breast augmentation is quite a popular procedure across the globe. Many of you may know the term breast implant surgery as it is a much wider term used by a layman. Many people also confuse it with breast lifts or breast reductions which are completely different procedures.

Hair Transplant

Signs of baldness in men are quite widespread and there are not a lot of solutions to treat hair fall. Even with all the advancements in technology, hair transplant is probably the most widespread and successful therapy for hair fall. It is basically a procedure where hair is removed from an area of thick growth and is transplanted to the bald patch.

Dermabrasion and BOTOX

While dermabrasion is a procedure where the top layer of the facial skin is gently scrubbed for a better texture, BOTOX entails quite a lot of procedures that are done to your face. Both these procedures enhance the way you look. While talking about Botox at Shah Plastic Surgery we understand that the procedure is used to remove wrinkles, crow feet, and other such signs of aging from the face.


Everyone nowadays wants to look slim and trim not by the body but also to face and nose shape is one of the most attractive parts of the face. Nose job truenose in Beverly Hills uses the best technique and highly qualified surgeons to reshape your nose safely and smoothly. A perfect nose shape also boosts confidence and helps one live life confidently.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation like breast augmentation is done in order to increase or decrease the size of the lips or to change their shape. It is very common in women to get this procedure done in order to get fuller lips or to get their lips into better shape.


Liposuction is primarily a procedure that basically sucks fat deposits out of the skin. People often mistake it for surgery for weight loss whereas, in reality, it is simply to deal with fat deposits. It is also used to remove fat tumors as well as to reduce the size of breasts in men. The arms, thighs, stomach, hips, face, buttocks, and back can be subjected to liposuction.

Wrapping It Up!

You may have heard about most of these procedures before but even if you have not, it’s alright. These are not considered medical procedures as many of them are to simply change the way you look. Knowing this we can not leave out their importance in any way as all these procedures are important in their own way.