Whenever we are affected by a disease, we are already on the journey stage of recovery. Diseases obstruct our work and fun moments; it makes us physically and mentally weak. Therefore, getting a cure is our priority.

But, whenever it comes to addiction, the cure isn’t our first thought?


This condition essentially harms us more than any other recurring disease. A simple psychological explanation is; relief. Whatever horrible thoughts or suffering our mind and body are going through during a phase of addiction can only be cured by consuming more of those substances.

This is the mind of a person who is suffering from an addiction problem. The thing that is causing pain in the first place, is the only escape. And, to get out of this, one needs dedication and self-reflection. However, if anything, our minds can be tricked before it leads to the path of cure. So, this brings us to the big question.

How Will You Turn Your Progressive Addiction To Progressive Recovery?

First of all, if you ask this question after suffering from an addiction or helping a friend in need, this is not a self-project. You will need help from detox centers to get rid of this substance abuse.

Detox centers are the starting point for understanding your addiction density and what to do next to clean your body.

However, the first step of any recovery is to acknowledge that you have a problem first. There are several reasons which could have led you to this path of progressive addiction.

And, if you understand that you have a problem and have the minimal enthusiasm to give your life a new beginning, you have already achieved your first milestone. But, to begin your recovery, you have to understand the factors triggering you to relapse and eliminate them.

Yes, addictions can also be caused by serious mental health problems, for example, chronic depression or anxiety. However, these conditions are also stemming from somewhere.


But, don’t be scared. Your work is not to create an extensive routine and follow through with a list of activities that will help you heal yourself. Your work is simple recognition. The rest can be achieved through expert help like drug rehabilitation centers or addiction counseling.

These are professionals who will hold your hand through the journey and provide their undivided non-judgmental assistance. So, let us find out some of the external factors that lead us to progressive addiction. Then, who knows, maybe we can eliminate some of the elements on our own.

Peer Pressure

This is one of the first reasons for teens to get into substance abuse. We all are social animals, and there are certain social conformities that we have to maintain to be a part of a pack.

However, if this pack is leading to a harmful path of drug and alcohol abuse, the issue is clear and certain. There is no further justification that can be put forward, as this is the main element triggering your addiction.

A Weapon Of Escape

Are you suffering from depression? Does your mood never seem to elevate from a certain point? If so, remember that substances might be a quick relief, this element worsens the mental condition.

During mental problems like ADHD, depression, PTSD, etc., we are always searching for a source of escape. Substances become the quickest form of it all. But, this is a sign that you might need psychological treatment.

You Are Curious

Curiosity, at times, can be an element of great thoughts. But, sometimes, curiosity can be the biggest drug.

Now you might think.

How can curiosity make you addicted? Since you can consume a considerably small amount to fulfill your curiosity, as compared to an addict. You really don’t realize when you catch an addiction.

These are the top three reasons behind someone getting an addiction to substances, and soon the progression begins. At one point, it can even reach a level of disparity where you loom in hopelessness. But don’t worry, there have been success stories of people recovering to life anew even from that point.

The key is to know that you have a problem, and if one cross-checks either of the three points given above, they definitely have one.

The Positivity Around Recovery

If you are someone trying to help a loved one recover from intense alcohol or drug addiction, you have to talk to them about the positivity that surrounds recovery. This will also be done by professionals in rehabilitation. However, the first step starts at home.

  • Let them know how their lives are going to improve exponentially after the recovery. Educate them about the benefits of recovery and how it will make them stronger by saving them from this point of constant depression through substance dependency.
  • People going through this painful time have been shown the contrasting features of both their lives. And, as someone already enduring so much pain, they will want to take these last few steps.
  • Recovery is not an easy process. Nevertheless, it can be a motivating one that doesn’t involve any judgment, shame, or self-loathing. Instead, it can be a nurturing experience that focuses on healing rather than fixing.
  • Inpatient recovery treatment is the best solution for anyone going through an extreme addiction. Relapsing is a common phenomenon in case of recovery, and it is only through inpatient rehabilitation that the patient will be isolated. Additionally, every source of that substance will be eliminated.
  • The extensive care, constant psychological therapy, and motivation through improvement charts are going to fill them with the positivity required to continue.

Final Note

Addiction is a dangerous prospect for anyone. Whether you are dealing with it yourself or trying to help a close one out of it, it is painful, and recovery takes time, but it is not the end of the world. With proper care and professional treatment, one can overcome this period of pain. The results of a progressive recovery can be the most beautiful feeling.