These days it is hard to imagine a world without technology that has been revolutionizing the healthcare industry for decades. There is no surprise that most medical fields use websites and networking services to streamline their practice, and the dentistry field makes no exception to that. In fact, countless dental clinics and centers today rely on dental management software to perform better.

Let’s start with a brief explanation of what dental management software is. For the less tech-savvy: dental management software is a system designed to streamline dental office workflows to improve both efficiency and patient care. Consequently, it is not surprising that management software is the key to saving dental practices time and money.

Interested to know how and why? Find the answer to these questions in the article below.

No more pens and papers!

Let’s start with the obvious: the use of dental management software means the elimination of everything paper-based. Everything that used to be written down on paper or files will be replaced by an e-version on a computer. This includes patient data, treatment plans, appointments scheduling, and agenda, as well as financial and equipment inventory monitoring.

It goes without saying that using dental management software saves you money by eliminating the need for paper and pens. Automating some processes, such as financial computations will save you time, and since we can all agree that time is money, dental management software is the key to saving both.

Provides Important Reminders.

In a way, dental management software will play the role of a personal assistant by organizing your appointments, sending out important reminders, and handling SMS communication by sending appointment reminders to your patients, allowing you to avoid downtime. Appointment management for dentists is crucial for patient well-being, but it is also crucial for efficiency and optimal productivity in the clinic.

Another way your dental management system can help you save money is by reminding you when it is time for your next equipment maintenance service. This way you can prevent damage costing you a lot more than having a technician visit for maintenance.

Gets you rid of your worst nightmare.

In addition, your dental management software will ensure that you get rid of one of your worst nightmares: calculating your deductible and processing claims. It will allow you to say goodbye to spending precious minutes or even hours calculating these, saving you time once again. While the software takes administrative work off your hands, you can focus more on what you love – improving your patients’ dental health.

Inventory is always kept track of.

Another thing that dental management software does that will help you save time and money is constant monitoring of material. How is this beneficial to you? Well, it prevents you from having to reschedule an appointment and losing valuable time because certain materials are not available.

Also, with your dental management system, you can see which aspects of your business are costing too much, which products are selling well, and it lets you know which product you should order less of or more of when it’s time to reorder.

Patients are easily and quickly boarded.

With your dental management software, you can say goodbye to queues and precious minutes wasted in the waiting room, as your patients are easily and quickly boarded, at the click of a button, with their digital images, records, and progress notes linked to their files. This easy access and quick ability to review and update information will save you both time and money.

Ensures smooth connectivity between clinics in different locations.

A very practical benefit that dental management software offers to those of you who work in or manage several clinics, is that it ensures a smooth connection between clinics in different locations. You will be able to coordinate all appointments in different clinics from your mobile phone or your computer, avoiding overlaps, and accessing your patients’ data in each clinic with a click of a button.

Provides Access to an Online Marketplace.

Another thing your dental management software can help you with is access to purchasing products at cost-effective prices and placing your orders, which is undoubtedly more convenient than dealing with multiple suppliers. This online marketplace allows you to find products from the best manufacturers, and place your orders with the click of a button. This saves you time and as you know by now, money!

After more than 15 decades of taking dental records, patient appointments, and documenting dental history with paper and pen, it only makes sense to dive into the world of technology and take advantage of it. This means less wasted time. However, despite the widespread use of computer-based management software by dentists in both developed and developing countries, there are still technical, physical, and psychosocial impediments that stand in the way.  There is still work to be done in the area of the international integration of these systems.

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