There are many medications for individuals suffering from respiratory illnesses, but the question arises how can their effects be boosted? For consuming medications for respiratory issues, patients are required to inhale the drugs directly to their lungs. Thankfully, this is made possible with the launch of a hand held nebulizer.

A nebulizer is a quick and effective solution for getting relief from the symptoms of respiratory disorders. It allows the patient to directly inhale the medications into their lungs, offering quick relief from inflammation. It also helps the patients to breathe with convenience and ease. Here are a few respiratory issues that can be efficiently treated using a handheld nebulizer:

  1. Asthma
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Seasonal allergies
  4. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD)

Before discussing any further, let us learn how a nebulizer works:

A nebulizer is a device that transforms liquid medication into a mist so that the patient can easily inhale it into their lungs. The portable models of a nebulizer are handy devices that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. These nebulizers run on batteries or can be plugged into car outlets. Their compact size comes in handy when you have to travel as they can be accommodated even in your purse.

What are the benefits of a handheld portable nebulizer?

Faster Relief

Research suggests that the handheld portable nebulizer for Albuterol starts working within 5 minutes after you begin your nebulizer treatment. On the other hand, if you take medicine with similar salts orally, effects will start showing after around 30 minutes. This is because the medicine taken orally takes time to break down in the digestive system before entering into the bloodstream. On the other hand, when the medicine is taken via nebulizer heads directly towards the source of inflammation and provides relief much quickly. This can be essentially beneficial if you are having an asthma attack and need the medicine to act immediately. Therefore, in order to ensure that the medicine reaches where it needs to be, using the handheld nebulizer is the best option.


If you are associating the nebulizer machine with those big bulky units, you must be assured that they are not. The modernized nebulizers made with advanced technology are small enough to fit into your purse and can be carried anywhere. In addition, the handheld portable nebulizer is easy to set up and convenient to use, thus you do not have to go through the hassle of setting it up prior to the treatment process. Therefore, if your job involves a lot of traveling, carrying the portable nebulizer along is the best choice as you can charge them whenever needed, even at the airport or your hotel room.

Gone are the days when you had to breathe forcefully while suffering from respiratory diseases but not anymore. With the launch of a portable nebulizer, you can simply breathe as normal; and accelerate your healing process. If you are looking to buy the best quality nebulizer, search online to connect with a popular supplier to place your order.