The OSHA highlights that in the US alone there are around 2.3 million workers in the construction industry working on scaffolds. Also, there are around 60 deaths yearly and 4,500 injuries related to scaffolding.

Based on the research of a scaffold accident lawyer, the most common scaffolding accident cases causes are:

  • Objects that fold from the scaffolds.
  • Scaffolding that is unsecure.
  • Scaffolding collapses.
  • Damaged toe boards, hoists, planking, or guardrails.
  • Scaffolding is carelessly assembled.
  • Putting on way too much weight.
  • Safety equipment is not adequately inspected.
  • Negligent supervision.

It is not a secret that construction and scaffolding accidents can easily lead to really serious injuries. The ones that are the most commonly noticed are:

  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • TBI (traumatic brain injuries).
  • Organ damage.
  • Broken bones.

On construction sites, you can see two scaffolding types based on the material they are made out of. The two are lumber and steel. It does not matter which one is used since workers can be injured.

Who Can You Sue When Injured?

A scaffolding accident can always appear because of property owners incapable of offering safe conditions, negligence, or defective equipment. As you file the personal injury claim, you do so against those who are responsible. Lawsuits can be filed against property owners, construction workers, scaffolding manufacturers, subcontractors, contractors, and construction companies.

As an injury victim, you have to prove some things in order to recover the damages you deserve during lawsuits. This includes:

  • Duty of care was in place from the defendant.
  • The duty of care ended up being breached.
  • Damages happened because of the breach.
  • The breach was what caused the injuries.

When the injury claim is successful, you are liable for compensation that will cover things like medical bills, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, property damage, and even lost wages. In the event that the injury is serious and has long-term repercussions (like death or paralysis), the injury claim can even include extra compensation that would help the person in the future.

It should be mentioned that scaffolding accident deaths would lead to wrongful death lawsuits. The lawsuit is filed against those responsible. Received damages can include many things, including:

  • Funeral and burial expenses.
  • Compensation to cover loss of support and companionship.
  • The money the deceased individual would have received as income in the future.

Final Thoughts

Scaffolding accidents are often very serious. It is actually quite common that the case would be so serious that it would involve opinions from several specialists. And recovery can take a long time. This is why you should always get a scaffolding injury attorney who would be able to help you take care of all legal problems while you can focus on your recovery.

Look for those lawyers who have as much experience as possible in dealing with scaffolding accidents. This is because the legal specialists do know how to handle anything that might happen during the case. Take the time needed to locate the very best possible attorneys and you will surely end up receiving higher financial compensation.