Did you know that as per American statistics, nearly one in eight women can develop breast cancer during their lifetime? Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, next to lung cancer. Despite knowing this, there are many ignorant women who ask, ‘Do I need to get a mammogram done?’

If you don’t know what a mammogram is, it is an imaging test that is done to check whether a woman is suffering from breast cancer. In fact, getting a mammogram done is the best way of detecting cancer at its earliest stage. Recently there are many 3D mammogram screening Boise clinics where you can get it done at an affordable cost. 

Here are the valid reasons to never delay a mammogram. 

  • Any abnormality like cancer is not always felt

Long before you can feel a lump in your breast, mammograms can find out whether or not you’re suffering from breast cancer. Self-exams of your breast are necessary even though you may not sense any changes in the shape or size of your breast. By the time you start feeling the change, the cancer is already spreading, growing, and is getting tougher to treat. A mammogram can detect the changes in your breast tissue even though they are as tiny as grains of sand. 

  • Breast cancer is 99% healable if caught early

No, mammograms can’t prevent breast cancer but if it is detected early, there are increased options for treatment before it starts spreading to other parts of the body. As per the American Cancer Society, if breast cancer is detected while it is only in the breast, the disease is 99% healable. 

  • Chances of developing breast cancer heighten with age

With age, the risk of developing breast cancer increases. This is why mammograms are not the only test to be done. It is vital to get yourself screened for breast cancer every year as soon as you turn 40. Some other significant risk factors of developing cancer are the use of alcohol, obesity, family history, and physical inactivity. 

  • A mammogram saves your breasts and also your life

When you detect breast cancer early, you might get it treated before you have to surgically remove your breasts through mastectomy. Rather than getting a mastectomy done, you can also get a lumpectomy done where the cancerous tumor is removed without removing any other healthy tissue surrounding it. 

  • Mammograms are offered free for patients

The best part about getting mammograms done is that they are offered free of cost for women who meet the criteria or those who are eligible for this test. A woman has to be at least 40 years of age, she should be either underinsured or uninsured and she should be living in limited income in order to qualify for a free mammogram.

Therefore, now that you’re sure about the reasons why you should get a mammogram done once in a while, don’t delay. Get in touch with a local clinic and get things checked to save your life.