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Whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, which aids digestion. They also contain minerals and vitamins that lower the risk of having some cancers, heart disease, and some non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. Even though beneficial, consumption of whole grains is low worldwide, especially among individuals with a low-income status. Here are some common ways to eat more whole grains at home:

Whole grain breakfast

The processed foods that some of us eat for breakfast have contributed to the obesity epidemic reported globally. If you are looking for ways to add more whole grains to your diet, substitute processed foods with whole grains such as peanuts and oatmeal. They might not be as tasty as bread or cake are but provide significant health benefits in the end.

In a study published in Science Daily in 2008, individuals who consumed whole grains such as oatmeal often had a markedly lower total cholesterol level, which makes this change a beneficial one. Eating around five grams per serving is ideal. You can also bake your own fresh bread and sandwiches using whole grains and substitute white rice with brown rice that has not been milled.

Add whole grains in salads

Did you know that you can prepare a much tastier and more nutritious meal if you throw in a few whole grains in your salad? Amaranth, farro, freekeh, and hearty brown rice have a delicious crunchy texture. Whole grain salads are also easy to prepare if you can follow these two simple steps. First, partially cook the grains to remove any bitterness. Toss them into your favorite bowl of salad, mix thoroughly, and chill until you are ready to eat.


Snacking on whole grains is a popular health trend that you can use to increase your intake of whole grains at home. Substitute fatty foods such as crisps, popcorn, rye crackers, or whole wheat crackers. You can also gnaw on roasted corn on a corb to refuel. This is a rich source of carotenoids and antioxidants that improve eye health. Whole grain energy bars are also suitable, especially if you can find a 100% organic product that has less than 3 grams of fat and 5 grams of sugar.

Whole grain recipes

At https://minuterice.com/recipes/15-minute-chicken-and-rice-dinner/, you can find free chicken and rice recipes that include whole grains. You can bread your chicken using whole wheat bread crumbs or oats. You can also cook rice with nuts or whole grains to create a healthy meal. If you decide to take this route, you should be a risk-taker. You can experiment with several whole grain recipes until you find one that is easy to prepare and that you enjoy eating during meal times.


Increasing your consumption of whole grains is not as hard as it seems. Instead of eating processed wheat products during breakfast, serve whole grains instead. You can also snack on them, add whole grains to salads, and use whole-grain recipes at home.