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Rice, a globally popular food, is an essential dietary carbohydrate. Various rice types can be categorized by shape and color. The fiber-rich bran of white rice grain is usually removed, resulting in longer shelf life. It cooks fast and has a bland and neutral flavor. Nutritionally, white rice contains less protein and fiber than the whole grain counterpart.

Brown rice has nutrient-germ and bran, making it fiber-rich and nutritious. Thanks to the bran layer, brown rice cooks longer than white rice. If you want maximum nutrition, here are the health benefits of eating rice.

It enhances heart health

Brown rice is a whole grain that retains the bran layer, offering a variety of health benefits. Whole grains boost blood cholesterol levels, lowering heart disease risk type 2 diabetes, obesity, and stroke. Brown rice has numerous healthy components like antioxidants, minerals, dietary fiber, and lignans. The rice bran in brown rice contains antioxidant properties, reducing body cholesterol levels and enhancing cardiovascular health. Check out mahatmarice.com/recipes/traditional-mexican-rice/ for brown rice recipes that can help gain maximum nutritional benefits.

It’s an excellent source of energy

Whenever you’re feeling run down and tired, rice can help you refuel. The good carbohydrates in the rice are converted into energy whenever they enter your system. The energy produced also ensures proper brain function. Rice contains other components like vitamins, minerals, and more, helping increase your body organ’s metabolic activity. This also boosts your body’s energy levels.

It’s gluten-free and a natural anti-inflammatory

If you are gluten sensitive, rice is gluten-free. Rice can easily be incorporated into any diet, especially if you have gluten sensitivities. Rice is also an ideal option for people with celiac disease because it works as a natural anti-inflammatory with great benefits for your body.

It Promotes digestive health

People with celiac disease find it difficult to digest certain grains, making it hard to get all the necessary nutrients. Brown rice is an insoluble fiber, enhancing regular bowel movements. It can also boost bowel control and prevent hemorrhoids.

It reduces cancer risks

If you’ve been looking for proactive ways to fight cancer, you can consume high-fiber foods such as rice to help reduce the risk of getting cancer. The high-fiber properties in rice promote digestion and lower blood pressure, ensuring overall body health. Excellent digestive tract health means body waste doesn’t have to sit in for a long time.

When you keep the flow moving, the possibility of this waste mingling with healthy body cells is reduced. This is an excellent way to fight against and prevent colorectal and intestinal cancers. Rice also contains antioxidants like vitamin A and C, helping free the body from radicals.

Controls blood pressure and sugar levels

If you’re suffering from hypertension, adding rice into your diet can combat it due to the low sodium amounts present. Rice also lowers blood sugar levels. However, brown rice would be a better option because its husk contains more fiber and does well, slowing glucose absorption and allowing the body’s insulin to distribute glucose on itself thoroughly.


Rice consumption is beneficial for overall body health. Consider including rice into your diet to enjoy all the above benefits.