Whatever addiction you are into, it is definitely harming both your mental and physical health.

Remember those days when you used to hang out with your friends, colleagues and spend some quality romantic time with your partner. All these are now long gone because you are not sober anymore. You are into the darkness of addiction.

Do not get depressed, as there is still time to come out of this darkness and start everything once again. You again can go back to your friends, partner, colleagues and spend quality time with them. All you need to do is quit substance abuse.

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Process

Quitting drug and alcohol addiction needs special care and treatment when an individual is thinking of quitting it.

However, addiction is considered as just a bad habit; however, in reality, it is indeed a disease, which needs medical attention. So, when you have made the decision to quit any type of substance abuse, you should opt for a rehabilitation or detox center.

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Here, we are also offering you a complete guide about the drug and alcohol addiction treatment process. When you get to understand the treatment process, it will be easier for you to opt for it.


You, as a patient or as the loved one and well-wisher of an individual who is suffering, can enroll in the center for the required treatment. You have to take this first step of transforming your life. However, a lot of people who are in need of it often hesitate.

Here the patient-friendly admission process comes into action. Most rehabilitation or treatment centers keep the admission process really simple. You just need to make a call to the center.


After the admission process is taken care of pretty well, the patient enters the facility and also completes all the essential administrative processes. At this point, the concerned staff of the center ensures that the individual is not bringing any forbidden substance.

Intake is essential for getting each patient started off on the correct foot, so their treatment becomes as effective as possible. It is also important for protecting the sobriety of all the patients out there.


Assessment is the starting step of addiction recovery treatment. Here a healthcare professional or a doctor questions something crucial to the patients and, on the basis of them, evaluates the perfect treatment plan, which will be suitable for that individual.

Here, the professional finds out what type of substance abuse has been performed by the patients in a detailed format. So, they can design or program the treatment as per that.


Now comes to one of the most effective and important parts of the treatment is detox. Detoxification is the specific process by which the body purged out all the harmful substances so that the individual can start the treatment with a clean slate.

During this process, withdrawal symptoms are very common. The medical staff and professionals take care of the patient and offer them the necessary treatment to combat the withdrawal symptoms.

Impatient Care

During inpatient care, the individual who is going through the treatment program resides in the rehabilitation or treatment center. The patient will be there for a certain period of time till they complete the treatment and become totally sober.

The duration is different for different types of drug and alcohol abuse. In inpatient care, the individual will be under the expert eyes of the trained, certified staff and medical professionals.

IOP Or Intensive Outpatient Program

If the patient is not willing to stay at the center, they can opt for an IOP or intensive outpatient program. In this case, the individual stays at their own place with their loved ones and often visits the clinic or center for treatment purposes.

In an outpatient program, the family members have to be concerned enough about what the patient is doing, whether they are going back to addiction or not. Everything is their responsibility.

Planning For After Treatment Life

Once the medical treatment is over and the patient has already started leading a healthy, sober, and addiction-free life, this step comes into consideration. Here the professionals of the center help the individual with some tips and tricks for dealing with the afterlife.

A risk of relapse always stays there till the last day of the patient’s life. Using some effective tools, the individuals can deal with the tough situation and avoid relapse. In this stage, the professionals taught the individuals how to use those tools.


After the treatment is completed and the doctor thinks that the patient is now capable of leading a normal, sober life once again, they release the patient. Here, the patient completes some essential administrative work and leaves the treatment facility.

Most centers offer final assessment along with some additional guidance and advice to the patient at this point. Releases ensure that the patient is now ready to start their new life.


Aftercare is an ongoing process, which lasts for the rest of the life for most of the patients. In aftercare, the patient participates in some ongoing treatment programs, like 12-step Groups and therapy, in order to maintain their sobriety indefinitely.

On the basis of the individual patients, the specific aftercare routine is structured. The patient can opt for some third-party aftercare suppliers as well.

Recovery Never Ends

As they say, recovery never ends. The rink always renders. As the treatment is over, it is your responsibility and duty to ensure that you are not going back to the addiction once again. You have started a sober life; you must continue it no matter what.

You have gone through a lot, your loved and close ones have also gone through a lot, now it is your duty to love them back and be with them in a sober manner.

Get the treatment and start a newly sober and healthy life!