If you or a loved one have been in a nursing home and suffered an injury, you must be wondering whether there is anything you can do to recover compensation for your injuries. Talking to a nursing home lawyer can dispel your doubts and help you understand your legal options regarding filing a civil lawsuit or a negligence claim against the nursing home.

What is nursing home neglect?

When older individual enters a nursing home, they and their relatives put their trust in the care they will receive at that facility. They trust that their new caregivers and nurses will meet their needs and keep them safe. However, many times this is not the case.

When the nursing home fails to provide care that meets professional standards, it is considered to be negligent. Negligence can happen when there is not enough staff to provide the required services when the facility does not have the necessary medical equipment when the resident is not taken care of and for many other reasons.

Steps to Take After a Nursing Home Injury

If you or a loved one have been injured in a nursing home, the first step is to ensure that the staff knows about the incident as soon as possible. They need to be informed about what is wrong and get the medical attention you or the injured party needs right away.

Start by taking notes on the injury, making sure to put down how and where it happened. Also, take pictures of the injuries. If possible, talk to other residents to find out if they have had similar experiences and whether they have complained about the staff or the services. This may shed valuable light on your case.

What are the most common types of nursing home injuries?

It is very common for neglect or injuries to go unnoticed for some time, particularly when the resident suffers from dementia or other memory-related issues, or is too frail to get the attention they need. Some injuries might be caused by:


Bedsores might develop when the nursing home resident is left in the same position for too long without anyone keeping an eye on them. The consequences of bedsores can be quite dangerous and may even lead to death.

Lack of Appropriate Nutrition or Hydration

Food and water are vital, and some elderly residents might be unable to feed themselves because of health issues or because they might be recovering from a surgical procedure. Not helping them eat or drink may cause malnourishment or dehydration.

Unsanitary Conditions

Infections can spread easily when a facility is not kept clean or sanitized. When rooms, furniture, bedding, and medical equipment are not kept clean, it can put elderly residents with compromised immune systems at risk.

When a resident at a nursing home facility does not receive adequate medical attention, is left unattended for hours, or does not receive the attention they need, the Turnbull Firm recommends you reach out to a knowledgeable nursing home attorney to help you file a claim.