Cosmetic dentistry is finally getting the attention it deserves. More and more people are interested in undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure than ever before. The main purpose of cosmetic dentistry procedures is to enhance the aesthetics of your teeth. However, there are some techniques that also offer restorative benefits. For that, you need to get in touch with experts like NI Dentistry.

The truth is that the term “Cosmetic Dentistry” can be rather misleading. It suggests that the treatments are superficial, whereas, not only do the procedures make your teeth whiter, they also help improve your ability to chew. Besides, sporting a beautiful smile is bound to make you feel good about yourself. If you are considering undergoing cosmetic dentistry, you need to know about the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and their benefits. This is where our post comes in handy. Read on to learn more.

Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

  1. Teeth Whitening

When people hear about cosmetic dentistry, the first thing that comes to their mind is teeth whitening. It is possibly the most popular procedure. Besides, it is the most straightforward and least expensive of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures which are why most people choose to get teeth whitening done. As the name suggests, teeth whitening corrects teeth discoloration. It also eliminates food debris, tartar, and plaque.

  1. Dental Veneers

Another common cosmetic dentistry procedure is dental veneers. They are custom-made shells that are designed using composite or dental porcelain and cover the front of your teeth. The visible flaws associated with the length, shape, color, and size of your teeth are handled by dental veneers. Cementing material is used for fixing the veneers to the teeth. Once you get dental veneers, you can rest assured knowing that they will last about 20 years. Besides, they blend well with surrounding teeth.

  1. Bonding

If you do not know what bonding is, it involves the use of a putty-like resin substance for treating chipped, misshaped, discolored, and cracked teeth. The best thing about bonding is that it looks just like natural teeth. The treatment only takes about half an hour to an hour to complete and is virtually painless. If you take good care of it, it should last 10 years.

  1. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are cap-like structures that are placed over damaged teeth. They are needed for covering teeth that are chipped, cracked, misshaped, discolored, damaged, or decayed. By getting dental crowns, you get to restore the appearance, strength, shape, and size of your teeth. Porcelain-fused-to-metal, composite, ceramic, and porcelain are usually used for making dental crowns. If you take good care of them, they should last you 30 years.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

  1. Improved Appearance

One of the main advantages of cosmetic dentistry procedures is that they help improve your appearance. If you want to look your best, it is important that you consider cosmetic dentistry. It will help improve the way you look and make you feel a whole lot better. Thus, you will have an easier time interacting with others as you would not stress about your self-worth. There is no reason for you to let discolored and stained teeth prevent you from smiling. By opting for teeth whitening and veneers, you can achieve the perfect smile that leaves others at ease.

  1. Improved Self-Confidence

Another benefit of cosmetic dentistry procedures is improved self-confidence. Having stained teeth can leave you feeling insecure. Since your self-esteem depends heavily on the way you look, it is important that you opt for the right cosmetic dentistry procedure. It could help make a huge difference. It is important that you smile your brightest and feel good about yourself. Self-confidence is vital for a good life. Hence, you require cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Improved Diet

In addition to an improvement in the way you look, cosmetic dentistry procedures also help improve your diet. If you have lost a tooth or two, it can make it difficult to chew certain types of food. An uneven bite would prevent you from chewing your food properly which would affect digestion. By undergoing cosmetic dentistry procedures, you get to improve your diet.

  1. Improved Dental Health

Finally, an improvement in diet also helps improve dental health. Cosmetic dentistry procedures are known for their ability to protect your teeth from future dental issues. They also offer an improved financial outlook as you would not need to spend a ton of money on restorative procedures.


Cosmetic dentistry procedures allow you to get that Hollywood smile. They will transform the way you look and feel. Hence, it makes sense to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist.