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You can think of chiropractic care as an alternative route to healing. Chiropractors can provide excellent care for people who have a spine, muscle, and joint problems. Chiropractors use a hands-on approach to help realign or adjust parts of the body rather than using medications to help eliminate problems occurring in the body. And many people have seen drastic improvements to their health due to chiropractic care.

So, you may want to start chiropractic care but might be wondering if you need a doctor’s referral or if you can just look for chiropractic care on your own.

We have got the details to give you some insight.

Insurance or No Insurance

Chiropractors are considered primary care providers; therefore, generally, you do not need a doctor’s referral to see a chiropractor. If you do not have insurance, you do not need to worry about getting a doctor’s referral at all because you will be paying out of pocket anyway. But, if you do have insurance, you may or may not need a doctor’s referral to see a chiropractor. Some insurance companies will require a doctor’s referral to cover the costs of your visit, but for others, you can just call and make an appointment without talking to a doctor.

Costs of a Chiropractor

The average cost of a chiropractic visit is around $125. People who seriously need help with realignment and adjustment of their neck or joints may need to see a chiropractor no matter the cost. But, it can end up costing a lot if you have to see a chiropractor several times a month. Therefore, you may think about getting insurance to make it less costly for you, and then you can get the care you need as often as you need it. There are a few techniques that chiropractors can perform for you in a visit.

One technique that a chiropractor can use is ultrasound. Ultrasound technology can help to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase stimulation. Ultrasound technology will help to relieve pain through ultrasonic waves, which are perfectly safe. It is a treatment that is usually an add-on and needs to be performed several times. The average cost is $15 to $30 per session; for some, this may be affordable, but for others, insurance can help.

Another specialty performed by chiropractors is electrical muscle stimulation. This specialty is used to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and relieve muscle spasms. Professionals will use a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine, which uses a low voltage electrical current to treat symptoms. This specialty can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 a session. It is a bit pricer than ultrasound technology, but insurance may help.

Lastly, cold laser therapy uses a low-light laser to help with inflammation, joint function, and pain reduction. This specialty can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars per session, depending on the duration of the cold laser therapy. Therefore, paying a premium for insurance every month may be better than paying per session.

Overall, most people do not need a doctor’s referral for chiropractic care, but some insurers will request it. Therefore, it is wise to check with your insurance provider if you need a referral. Be sure to check the URL here to see which chiropractor is suitable for your needs.