We all experience physical issues occasionally which may warrant the need for physical therapy. It is crucial to have an experienced physical therapist treat you.

It’s not uncommon to need physical therapy at some point in your life. Several physical conditions may require you to get therapy from an experienced therapist. But to get the best results and effective therapy, it is absolutely essential that you choose the right therapist, especially if it’s your first time. So how do you go about choosing the right physical therapist for your needs? We have compiled a list of a few suggestions that will help you to pick the right one.

Ask Friends or Family

Attending physical therapy is very common nowadays, and chances are high that some of your co-workers, friends, or family members have already undergone therapy for their physical issues. Ask them to share their experience and possibly refer you to someone they have had a positive experience with. First-hand experience is always more reliable, and whose word can you trust more than someone that is really close to you? So word of mouth from a trusted person is undoubtedly a great way to find a physical therapist who has the right knowledge and skill.


Do run a background check before you choose a physical therapist. You need to make sure they have a license to provide the services in the particular field. The therapist must be registered with the Health Care Professionals Council to be able to use the title “physiotherapist.” Be wary of shady clinics that don’t even have a license to practice and yet claim that they are experts in the field. If you fall for any of these clinics, you will never receive the proper treatment that you require, so do a thorough background check.

Trust Your Instincts

It is important that your personality and that of your therapist click. If it doesn’t, then having even the brightest therapist in the city won’t really help. So trust your instincts in this matter, and if you see that you are just not getting along with your therapist, don’t feel awkward in asking for another therapist who will match your personality better.

The Facility to Provide Treatment

When you are looking for the right physical therapist, you also need to check the actual location where they will be offering the treatment. Examining the look and feel of the clinic will give you an idea of whether you are comfortable with the place or not. The treatment room can be private, or it can be an open facility. Either way, the look and the feel of the place should resemble the look of a medical clinic. The facility should be clean and hygienic. It should make you feel relaxed and easy while going in for the treatment.

Ask Your Doctor

Your primary care physician might be a good person to ask for a referral to when you are looking for a physical therapist. There are plenty of licensed physical therapists in the larger cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Denver, or Chicago, and for the most part, they are well acquainted with the general practitioners. So for instance, if you are living in Denver and are looking for physical therapy in Denver CO, talking to your regular doctor may help. He might be able to refer you to a physical therapist who he has observed over time and knows to be reliable. They might base their referral on personal experience as well, so it’s usually a pretty reliable referral.

Check the Clinics

You can call the local clinics of Denver, Chicago, or Boston to see if there is a clinician who specializes in treating the specific injury that you are suffering from. Usually, good physical therapists receive training and can handle various different types of physical problems. But if there is a physical therapist who specializes in the particular problem that you are facing, it makes it much easier for you to receive the right treatment due to their advanced skills in the area. So enquire in the local clinics first to find the right therapist who specializes in your needs.

How Experienced Is the Therapist

Whether the therapist has years of experience in the field or is relatively new, they all receive appropriate training before they are allowed to practice. So whether the therapist is old or a recent graduate should not really matter; however, many people are apprehensive about letting a new graduate take over. If you are one of them, you should communicate this concern with the scheduler and ask them to make the appointment with a more senior therapist.

Check Out Online Sites

If you want to know how qualified a particular therapist is, you should head to their website or the site of the clinic, which should list the special certification of the therapists. Alternatively, you can check out the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties when looking for certified professionals in your area. This site has a lot of information about the clinicians having advanced clinical knowledge and all the treatment options that are available for the different areas of physical therapy.

Do They Pay Attention to Your Needs?

In order to be good, a physical therapist should not only have strong clinical skills but also should have good listening skills. They should be inquisitive, asking you about your issues and proposing techniques to solve them. If you find that your therapist is not at all empathetic toward your problems or does not seem to be concerned about how you feel the treatment is going, then it is time for you to switch to a new physical therapist.

Summing Up

Choosing the right physical therapist is essential to getting the right treatment that you are looking for. So don’t pick hastily; rather, do your research as soon as you feel the need for physical therapy and find the right physical therapist who can help you to resolve your issues by offering you the appropriate treatment options. Stay safe and healthy by going with the right choice.