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Wound care services could be better in many clinics, which is why WoundGenex developed an innovative program that encompasses better wound healing, better coding to match descriptions more accurately, and training facilities to optimize your wound-care service for today’s world.

Whether you are a clinic, a hospital, or an independent physician, you can level up your wound-care services and create better results along with better customer outcomes. To find out more about WoundGenex, read the article below and explore the website for more details.

Improved Healing

Whether you are a clinical center, a hospital, or an independent physician, you need wound healing capabilities that meet or exceed the expectations of your patients. Too often, wound-healing capabilities are hindered due to a lack of investment and proper materials.

WoundGenex was created to solve these issues and provide would biologics at an affordable price. Unlike conventional wound care management, there are no up-front costs with WoundGenex; instead, biologics, grafting, support, and training are provided for a competitive premium service.

Clearer Coding

Wound coding is an important feature for any clinic; unless wound coding details the precise nature of the wound, it can result in delays and a poor customer experience. Too often, clinics don’t record codes precisely, meaning that a patient’s wound doesn’t match its description.

The WoundGenex system offers better coding and wound management services creating a database of wound codes that accurately fit the patient’s injury classification and stage of recovery. If you want to improve your wound care services, you need some clearer coding.

Next-Gen Care

Expensive wound care biologics and inferior coding practices result in a sub-standard service for wound patients. Recognizing that this is not good enough, WoundGenex provides the next generation of wound care services that take your clinic to the next level. Here’s what we offer.

WoundGenex has a full program management service that includes clinical management, operational management, and vendor management. But that’s not all; WoundGenex also provides systems to manage accounts and provide training to new and existing clinicians.

Wound Care Program

The WoundGenex Program includes development and management tools, education and training facilities, compliance and protocol features, technology and revenue cycling as well as support services. WoundGenex is the best way to upgrade wound-care services departments.

WoundGenex does not require any upfront costs; instead, it operates on a subscription services model that allows clinic and physicians to improve their wound-care facilities without an initial outlay. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to serving your patients and treating wounds.

Wound Care Training

Not only does WoundGenex provide the tools and infrastructure needed to level up your wound care service, you and your clinic can also benefit from wound care training that builds resilience into your clinical services and optimizes them for the future – so make the most of this training.

The WoundGenex team has over 20 years of experience in wound-care services; these individuals have worked in the industry for years and understand the complexities of the wound-care industry. The WoundGenex Program is an indispensable resource going forward.