In today’s developing world, virtual medical consultations are the most sought-after alternative to in-person consultation for all aspects of the healthcare industry. The working world is rapidly going remote, and the Covid-19 pandemic has given wings to its pace. Therefore, it is pivotal for healthcare providers as well as patients to undertake these services in order to stay at par with changing world dynamics.

Virtual medical consultations offer several tangible benefits to a medical practice and prove highly beneficial for patients as well. However, one pivotal question seems to haunt the minds of healthcare providers and patients alike: are virtual medical consultations reliable and worth the hype?

This article delves right into it and uncovers the answers never unearthed before. Before diving into this, it is significant to understand the basics. Let’s get started!

What is a Virtual Medical Consultation?

Virtual medical consultation is a branch of telemedicine or telehealth and involves the use of technology that enables a healthcare provider or doctor to diagnose and treat a patient from a remote location. As the name entails, virtual medical consultation uses laptops, computers, televisions, and even smartphones and tablets to connect patients and healthcare providers through a seamless interactive session.

This aids medical professionals in attaining all the medical information they require from patients to make an accurate diagnosis and enables patients to relay their concerns to their doctor. Even if a patient cannot make it to a doctor’s office, they can receive apt medical treatment right in the comfort of their home.

Since real-time video conferencing technology has become the talk of the town because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming increasingly familiar to patients of all ages. However, it also presents several challenges that need to be dealt with to ensure seamless and interactive virtual consultation services.

Benefits of Virtual Medical Consultation for Patients and Practitioners

1.    Virtual consultations expand your patient base

Virtual consultation holds numerous benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike. Healthcare professionals looking to adopt telemedicine services for their practice need to keep in mind the expansion in their patient base that can be brought about by using these services. Because they would be able to treat and deal with a large number of patients from all around a state or city, their patient base would naturally grow diverse and lengthy.

Hospitals and health providers can also use this technology to strengthen relationships with existing patients and develop new ones by connecting with patients without any geographical restraints. Virtual care proves especially effective in behavioral health, post-surgical follow-up, urgent care, chronic diseases, ED triage, or Covid-19.

2.    Virtual consultation helps you save money and time

A study conducted in 2015 concluded that an average visit to the hospital costs a patient about $43 and loads of lost time, in addition to the actual medical bill. Telemedicine, therefore, plays a significant role in cutting down costs for both patients and healthcare providers. By eliminating the need for transportation, parking, leave from work, or childcare, virtual medical consultations can be a less expensive and effective alternative to orthodox office consultations.

Similarly, telehealth obliterates the need for an extensive administrative staff and medical facility, thereby reducing costs for healthcare providers.

3.    Telemedicine can provide better health-related outcomes

Since virtual medical consultation allows checking on patients remotely, it enables doctors to reinforce treatment adherence. This plays a crucial role in preventing unnecessary hospital visits because of medical or personal negligence and maintains patient health to a significant extent.

Moreover, virtual consultation allows immediate access to medical professionals in case of emergency without transportation to the hospital. Patients can easily change their treatment plans or consult with their doctor about any additional symptoms or side effects they may be facing. This helps improve adherence to medication plans and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

Is Virtual Medical Consultation Reliable?

Telemedicine or virtual medical consultation is an incredibly reliable branch of medicine as it allows medical professionals to see their patients face to face without the hassles of a face-to-face visit. Some doctors prefer virtual medical consultation for the sole reason that it allows them to see patients in their homes and thus access the true nature of their condition.

Moreover, telemedicine for consultations is an effortless endeavor as long as a patient engages and communicates well with a healthcare provider. Doctors can not only diagnose and treat patients remotely but can also provide them with electronic prescriptions that can be automatically sent to a pharmacy.

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