Once you have decided to undergo surgery, it is very natural to feel anxiety and question whether you really need the surgery or not. Even if the surgery is very minor, it is totally normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Why do I even feel anxiety? Anxiety is when your heart rate speeds up, makes you restless, fatigued, tensed, and also worries you greatly. Anxiety is a “fight or flight” response of the body to external situations. This proves that anxiety is a bodily response and is not in your control. That does not mean you should continue feeling that way, though. As normal as they are, it is important to try to control fear and anxiety so they do cause issues with the surgery.

Sometimes your anxiety overwhelms your parents and loved ones who are there for you too. This also makes you feel more anxious and hence, the cycle repeats. If you get too anxious, you may even have a panic attack. Therefore, it is very important to not disregard anxiety and try to cope with it in healthy ways. Here are some strategies and tips to overcome pre-surgery anxiety healthily.

Trust is a must.

For you to feel comfortable with any surgery you are undergoing, you must trust your surgeon. When you have a trustful yet professional bond with your surgeon, you will trust them with your safety. This will lower your anxiety. For that, it is important to do your research and consult a surgeon you feel comfortable with. A good surgeon will make you feel safe, heard, and easy. Dr. David Slattery is popularly known as the best hip surgeons in Melbourne in this manner.

Remind yourself that you need this.

When you start to doubt whether you need the surgery, remind yourself that you need to undergo this surgery to feel better. Try to remind yourself of the troubles your current condition is putting you through. Let your physical pain be your motivation.

Be fully educated about the surgical procedure.

The one thing that brings ease to your heart and head is knowledge. Educate yourself thoroughly about the procedure, how it will begin, how many surgeons will be involved, how long the surgery will take, etc. When you know what will happen, you will calm down easily.

Be aware of the recovery risks and time.

For your satisfaction, research the recovery time as well. While consulting your surgeon, ask all the questions you have regarding the recovery time and risks. When you know what can happen, you will be mentally ready for it. This significantly lowers anxiety.

Think of all the things you will be able to do after you recover.

A reminder of the reward will bring you ease. Think of all the things you will be able to do once you are physically and mentally fit. Think of something that you enjoy and have been waiting to do for a long time.

The very last resort; is anxiety medication. 

If nothing is helping you calm down, the very last resort is anxiety and stress medication. Some patients have chronic anxiety that does not go away by exercise. Doctors inject such patients with midazolam injection to take them in a state of drowsiness. This is the very last option to control anxiety.