Brittle hair can be caused by a variety of factors, including a poor diet, improper care, and too frequent hot styling. Fortunately, not only can you deal with this problem effectively, but also prevent it from recurring. Check why your hair breaks off and what to do to prevent it!

 Hair breaking off – causes

Broken hair is hair that is stripped of its natural protective layer, which is dry, weak, damaged, rough, and dull. Both genetic factors and our care mistakes may be responsible for this state of affairs. It’s worth investigating the causes of hair breaking off in your diet, low in protein, vitamins, and minerals, as well as in your daily washing and styling treatments. Hair breaking off can be caused by:

rubbing them violently with a towel after washing,

not using conditioners and hair masks,

frequent hot styling treatments without heat protection cosmetics,

tearing the hair while detangling it,

tying the hair tightly with a bad elastic band.

 How to deal with hair breaking off?

Hair breaking off requires delicacy and especially gentle care. First of all, you need to strengthen them from the inside with a healthy and well-diversified diet. Later, you can deal with their external regeneration.

It’s worth shortening broken hair as much as possible, and then treating it with intensively regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing products with the use of cosmetics rich in keratin and supplements – It may also be a good idea to stop straightening it with an iron or curling it with a curler. If, however, it’s impossible, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure that it’s secured with a suitable cosmetic beforehand. Broken hair mustn’t be tied, especially with a thin rubber that breaks the strands mechanically. Soft, wide terry cloths or hairpins and hairpins will be much better, with will allow us to show the face while wearing the hair loose. If the structure of your hair is severely damaged, it’s a good idea to change the pillow as well. When you sleep, the strands rub against the fabric and crumble, so pillowcases made of smooth fabrics, such as satin cotton or silk, are the best choice.

Knowing why the hair is breaking off can prevent the problem from aggravating or help to completely avoid it. It’s worth remembering that the appearance and condition of our hairstyle depend on many factors, and even how you brush or pin up your hair has an influence on how healthy it is.