Botox injections are famous in the aesthetic medicine field for their outstanding rejuvenating qualities. And even though many people all over the world use this product for their personal purposes, not many of those understand its main characteristics fully.

So, today we would like to help and explain all vital details everyone should know about Botox cosmetic treatment and the substance used to stop muscle contractions. Everything is pretty simple, so let’s start; learning more about this topic with our team!

Botox for rejuvenation and muscle (or nerve) conditions

Botox is an injectable widely used in both the cosmetic sphere and traditional medicine. The main ingredient included in the solution is typically botulinum toxin type A (more rarely, type B); despite slight dissimilarities between these two components, the main goal remains the same – to relax nerve endings in muscles and stop the spasms.

When it comes to the medical sphere, this product works perfectly to treat overactive bladder symptoms, severe headaches and neck pain, treat chronic migraine, severe underarm sweating, urinary incontinence, and many other conditions.

In the aesthetic medicine sphere, Botox is incredibly effective in eliminating dynamic wrinkles, including severe frown lines, crow’s feet, marionette lines, and other mimic wrinkles. All of the previously mentioned aging signs can be reduced for up to 6 months (sometimes up to a year). Not to mention that botulinum works great for preventing aging marks occurrence as well.

The procedure itself is typically very fast, and the result becomes visible in hours to weeks (based on one’s individual skin conditions, health peculiarities, and the type of product used during the treatment). Before the session, all nuances of the injection session are discussed to avoid any complications.

Is it possible to buy Botox online?

Botulinum toxin products don’t belong to over-the-counter medicines; that’s why it is impossible to purchase them without a valid license that can prove one’s qualification. However, if you are a board-certified expert, there will be absolutely no challenge in ordering Botox online.

The main thing is to find a reliable supplier because, nowadays, there are a lot of scammers out there. And nobody wants to inject spoiled or poor-quality products to their patients, that’s a fact. So, such companies as, e.g., FillerSupplies are qualified to sell products for aesthetic medicine treatments to beauticians out there at the most affordable price, as well as providing the fastest delivery possible.

Target areas and other main information

Botox for cosmetic purposes is the most effective for perioral and periorbital zones; these spots are typically first to age, so lines and creases prevention is the most needed there. Many newcomers confuse Botox and dermal fillers and think the first one is suitable for lip augmentation too. No, no, thousand times no! Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant, which means it can only freeze nerve endings temporarily.

Even though this type of cosmetic injection is completely safe, there are still some individuals who cannot use it for skin rejuvenation. We are talking about people with the following issues:

  • Upper respiratory tract infections;
  • Developing lung disease;
  • Asthma symptoms;
  • Allergic reactions to botulinum;
  • Skin damage or irritation in the target zone;
  • And so on.

An important thing to remember is that any adverse reactions should be informed to a doctor immediately to avoid dangerous post-treatment consequences. Patients should be careful and pay attention to such symptoms as all-over muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, serious symptoms of allergic reactions, trouble swallowing, and other severe side effects. All of that is vital for one’s well-being and safety after the injection session.

The bottom line

Botox is one of the best and the most wildly used products for skin rejuvenation and aging signs reduction. It is safe, highly effective, and suitable for various purposes, not only cosmetic but medical too. Licensed professionals can purchase this injectable online and offline, that’s a personal preference. However, it is better to be careful because the number of scammers out there is growing; unfortunately, that’s the reality we are living in.

Hopefully, this article was helpful, and you found all information you needed about botulinum toxin-based products. That’s it for today. Stay safe!