A root canal is performed to repair a tooth’s inside section. If your tooth is damaged or infected, root canal treatment can help to protect the tooth from further microbial invasion as well as eliminate the infection.

Many people think that root canal treatment will hurt, but it’s actually designed to do the exact opposite! And whilst root canal treatment has often had a bad rep, there is actually nothing worse than allowing a damaged or infected tooth to continue on in the same way – the future pain can be truly immense.

So, what are some of the specific reasons you might need root canal treatment? And are any of the warning signs causing trouble for your teeth?

  1. Your tooth is cracked or broken

We all know that having a cracked or broken tooth hurts, especially when performing simple tasks like chewing, but did you know those cracked or broken teeth can actually become seriously infected?

The infection may not only cause serious trouble for your tooth but can also cause further health problems, with fears of bacterial infection causing trouble for the heart valves just one of the many concerns when it comes to broken teeth.

  1. You experience serious tooth pain when chewing

Nobody wants to suffer tooth pain when chewing – you just want to be enjoying your food! And sure, whilst it’s all well and good to try and tough it out, assuming the problem will get better with time, it usually doesn’t.

Teeth problems don’t just typically go away, and unfortunately, they tend to exacerbate before potentially getting better. So, if you’re experiencing severe tooth pain when doing something as standard as chewing then perhaps it’s time to inquire about receiving game-changing root canal treatment.

  1. Your gum is tender or swollen

If the gum around a particular tooth is tender when chewing or noticeably swollen then this is a good indicator you may need root canal treatment. A tender, swollen gum can have a number of causes, but regardless of its nature the first thing you should do is consult your dentist and find out if root canal treatment is the best way to solve the problem.

  1. Your face is swelling around the mouth or neck

This is a big indicator that you may need root canal treatment. After all, no one’s face or neck should be swelling up on account of their problematic teeth, and it could be the indicator of a serious oncoming dental problem.

Therefore, if you notice any swelling around your mouth or neck, you should immediately consult your dentist and see if it is due to a problem that requires root canal treatment.

  1. Excessive pain from hot or cold food

Sure, we can all experience sensitive teeth, especially when trying to enjoy a hot coffee or freezing cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day. However, if your teeth are experiencing excessive pain, even for some time after you’ve finished your icy treat, then it is highly likely that the tooth is experiencing an issue and may require root canal treatment.

  1. The tooth has become discoloured

Poor dental hygiene regularly leads to tooth discolouration. Therefore, if you notice your tooth or a number of teeth have become recently discoloured then this could be a good indication that your dental hygiene is causing problems.

Whilst you should always practise good dental hygiene, you may still require a root canal to fix any problems that the previous hygiene standard has caused.

If you are experiencing one or multiple of these warning signs – don’t hesitate – you will only regret it more if you allow the problem to further develop.