Exercise gives you that body shape or body size you passionately aim for. And it’s not just random, by-the-way exercise, but exercise done with proven methods. As a bodybuilder, athlete, or fitness trainer, you get the most out of hours spent working out when you include enhancers like variable resistance training in your workout. 

Variable resistance training aims to even out the resistance felt along with the range of motion during weight lifting and other exercises. It is achieved using special elastic bands, otherwise known as resistance bands, special machinery, chains, and free weights. It has become increasingly popular and is widely adopted for its better outcomes. 

The following are some valid reasons why you should include variable resistance training in your workout sessions

Break Through Training Plateau

Working out might get boring as you keep doing the same exercises over time. Introducing variable resistance training to your routine helps you spice things up and concurrently give more visible results in the same workout time.

With resistance bands and chains, you can achieve better muscle exertion as you train while lifting the same amount of weight. So if you’ve gotten over the early hurdle of adapting to heavyweight and can now lift it easily, opt for resistance bands. 

They increase the tension on the muscles over the period in which the load is lifted, creating a new experience and usefully improving muscle exertion at the same time.

Grow Muscles.

 Using variable resistance in your workout routine helps to build more strength. You’ll notice that as you lift weights during biceps or triceps exercises, the tension is highest at a particular point and eases gradually at the others.

Employing variable resistance training helps to eliminate that natural order of tension. Using resistance bands will help spread tension along with the motion through which weight is lifted. As the tension felt becomes greater on the muscles, the muscles tend to expand and get stronger, ultimately achieving hypertrophy which is the desired result for bodybuilders. 

Increase Strength

In training for strength, exercises like the bench press, shoulder press, and squats are the go-to options for obtaining high-yielding results. To make it even better, combining variable resistance training with these workout programs has proven to produce faster strength development. 

Studies show that trainers who combine free weights and resistance training gained twice as much strength with bench presses, three times as much on the squat, and double their muscle mass. 

Also, variable resistance training helps you build strength at your highest weight lifting capacity. So if you’ve reached your peak at weight lifting, using resistance bands or chains will ensure you keep building strength and not just repeating exercises

Better Neuromuscular Coordination 

Research shows that athletes who undergo strength training show improved neuromuscular coordination. As strength training enhances muscular power, it also inherently cause the creation of a more coordinated muscle-fiber unit which improves muscular activity and response. 

Increase Bone Density

The tension on the bone from the application of variable resistance training can trigger the formation of new bone cells. As force is exerted on the muscles during resistance training, there is a corresponding exertion on the bones of the skeleton, stimulating the increase in bone formation activity.

With resistance training, you are not only building muscle mass, but you are also building bone density. In the process, the risks of osteoporosis, fracture, and bone loss due to aging are significantly cut down.

Better Balance

Variable resistance training helps you to improve stability by building strength in nearby muscles that aren’t targeted in a workout type. 

Take an instance in squats, the main focus of muscle toning is the glutes and butts, and other parts like the hips and knee that are involved in the action are left weak. In which case, the application of resistance bands to the ones will help to stabilize the tension on the knees and hips, further strengthening them. 

Also, in adults and older people, variable resistance training has been proven to improve strength, power, and balance 

Applying Variable Resistance Training To Your Workout

There are some options for you to choose from in using variable resistance training to improve your workout experience. There are pieces of machinery, chains, resistance bands, free weights which are designed to suit your workout needs.  Using them in the appropriate ways will help to achieve the best results. 

Gym Machines

These machines are socialized to regulate the amount of resistance throughout the range of motion of the exercise. The trainer experiences a stronger resistance where his muscle strength is stronger and a weaker resistance where his muscle strength is lower.

They make use of cams, levers, and seat adjustments to achieve this variation. It is easy to use and is useful in helping the trainer to monitor their strength

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great option for you if you work out at home and don’t want to buy a machine. You can use them as weight resistance in leg raises, tricep extension, standing bicep curls, and chest presses. They are light, portable, and are the best workout device to pack for a trip.

Resistance Bands plus Free Weights

Using Weights and resistance bands simultaneously gives you a combined benefit that each one provides. So you are getting a doubled benefit over using just weights or resistance bands. 

Using a mix of bands and free weights is great for building muscle performance. With it, you can build acceleration and control the speed of exercise. A good example of using bands and free weights is bypassing the elastic bands attached to both sides of a barbell under the bench, which is between its two ends.

Chain plus Free Weights

Chains are great but less flexible than elastic bands. They teach proper muscle control through their heavyweights.

Ensure that one end of the chain in use remains fixed to the floor to reduce injury and potential damage from sway movement.

Productive Workout Sessions

The options available in variable resistance training can be adapted to suit your workout needs. Resistance bands are definitely recommended during your workout sessions. 

They are easily operable and can be used even at home. With the help of your fitness instructor, you can explore the best training methods to achieve optimal results as you undertake your fitness journey.