Addiction is a rising concern for many individuals in the US. According to the American Psychological Association, more than 13% of people have reported being addicted to something in the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to cope with this ever-growing threat, medical professionals recommend rehab treatment. However, people often struggle when finding addiction treatment facilities in South Carolina and other US states. The main reason is that it is not easy to find the right type of addiction treatment that suits your condition.

Therefore, this article discusses the different types of rehab treatments to help you choose the best option.


Inpatient is a common and most effective addiction treatment with serious positive outcomes. South Carolina’s inpatient treatment is also known as residential treatment, which means that the patient is treated through a specially devised strategy in under 30 days. Inpatient treatment is a combination of addiction education, family counseling, 12-step principles, and wellness services. The biggest benefit of inpatient treatment is that the addiction is cured within the safe environment of the treatment facility.

The residential treatment program systematically addresses the reason for your addiction, the triggers, and the present relapse. Moreover, it is a permanent treatment program that ensures that you stay grounded after the rehabilitation through different activities. For instance, the patients are advised to join various support groups after completing the treatment program. This step helps the patient to gain motivation by motivating others to stay sober.


Outpatient therapy is suitable for patients who can take care of themselves. The treatment is a combination of addiction education and clinical therapy while living in the comfortable environment of your home. In most cases, outpatient therapy is recommended for those who live with their family in a drug-free environment and who cannot be part of inpatient treatment for one reason or another. Moreover, it is an effective treatment because the patient will always have a strong support system at home to prevent any triggers and cure the addiction naturally. Usually, outpatient therapy may last for several months, depending on the addiction conditions. The patient can also schedule regular clinical sessions that fit his routine while fulfilling his family obligations.


Detox in South Carolina’s addiction treatment centers is the first step in most drug and alcohol rehabs. It comprises a special treatment program that lasts for 8-10 days in which the toxins are removed from your body. The program is recommended for people abusing alcohol, opioids, barbiturates, or benzodiazepines. In other words, if you are a drug addict, you must first go through a detoxication treatment to start the healing process.

Any urge to use the drug is suppressed during the treatment phase through special and healthy medication and supplements. As a result, the body rids itself of the toxins in your body that cause the urge to drug intake. Once the body is free from toxins, it starts healing itself and soon regains physical strength and mental clarity. However, it is important to note that the detox treatment only handles the physical rehabilitation and not the psychological dependencies on drugs. Therefore, it is recommended to undertake either inpatient or outpatient therapies in one of South Carolina’s drug treatment centers after completing the detox treatment.

Sober Living:

According to research, most failing patients return to their addiction within 90 days after the treatment. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the first 90 days are very crucial for developing a sober lifestyle. A sober living treatment is a specially designed program that ensures a perfect transition from inpatient therapy to a normal routine. The program enforces special house rules to keep you from returning to your addiction and safeguard your sobriety. In most cases, the program includes clinical therapy, 12-step groups, and motivation to participate in everyday tasks. Furthermore, the therapy also helps you relearn the important skills you need for succeeding in life after the treatment program.

Recovery Coaching:

Substance abuse treatment in South Carolina doesn’t end with therapy for some people. In fact, it is a recurring problem where the patient may return to the addiction after a couple of failures. Recovery coaching is the best option for those who have just returned after completing inpatient or outpatient therapy. The treatment ensures that you have the necessary support, tools, and motivation to transition from therapy to your normal lifestyle. The duration and treatment program are personalized according to your needs. So, you can undertake recovery coaching till you feel confident enough to move on with your life.


Addiction is an ever-growing problem in the USA. By definition, the over-consumption, abuse, or urge to repeat an activity that can damage your health is classified as an addiction. However, there are different therapies suitable for various types of addictions. Therefore, finding the best addiction treatment centers in South Carolina is very important to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This article discusses the different therapy programs offered in the USA to help you choose the best treatment.