You are in the right place if you want to know what 3PL pharma is. Pharma products, unlike other products, need utmost compliance and safety for storage and distribution. The stakes are high in the pharma supply chain processes, as it requires rigorous demands for handling and distributing them. Hence, only the best 3PL companies like Go Freight Hub can be the best 3PL for pharma products logistics. Over 2000 brand pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses in the US need to deliver their pharma products to over 88,000 pharmacies across America. It caters to the needs of 60% of Americans taking prescription drugs and 80% of Americans taking over-the-counter medications. Hence, there is enormous demand for 3PL providers in the pharma industry in the US.

Therefore, check out what 3PL pharma is, its reasons for high stakes in handling and distributing them, and how 3PLs provide safety by complying with the stringent rules and safely.

What does 3PL pharma stand for?

Third-party logistics or 3PL pharma handles, stores, and distributes pharmaceutical products. It is not the same as other products but needs temperature-controlled storage and transportation with high standards. In addition, it needs to comply with the strict government regulations failing, which will bring in many legal issues. Hence, only the best 3PL companies like Go Freight Hub, with all the essential requirements, can comply with all the rules for safe pharma transport and storage.

Why are stakes high for 3PL pharma distribution?

Many manufacturing companies that passed pharma licensing requirements in the US and worldwide utilize the 3PL providers to distribute their pharma products across America. It includes the Fortune 500 companies to small companies that need to deliver pharma products to thousands of pharmacies. The manufacturing units located only in a few places need the best 3PL companies to transport them to the pharmacies. Nevertheless, it is essential to do it by tainting the pharma products to maintain their perfect condition. In addition, most of them need temperature-controlled storages and transportation facilities to do it. If not having them for a short time or even temperatures higher by 2 degrees than the prescribed temperature can damage the pharma products to lose their efficacy. Since patients take it for treating many ailments and even for life-threatening situations, it is a critical requirement. Hence, the government has laid down many stringent rules and regulations for handling, storing, and distributing these pharma products. Thus, the stakes are high for the 3PL pharma distribution in the US and worldwide.

What are the rules to comply with for 3PL pharma distribution?

The globalization of the pharmaceutical industry has made WHO or the world health organization impose strict regulations to handle, store and distribute pharma products. Hence, it is critical for having adequate control of the pharma products’ entire supply chain from the material procurement to manufacture and delivery of the final product to the patients. In the US, as early as 1969, FDA or the Food and Drug Administration brought the first set of rules called CGMP or current good manufacturing practices. They got updated for accommodating details of the FSMA or food safety modernization act in 2015.

In 2013 title II of DQSA or drug quality and security act enacted 2013, outlined many steps through DSCSa or Drug Supply Chain Security Act. It enhances the FDA’s ability to help protect consumers from not having contaminated, counterfeit or stolen, and harmful drugs. The steps required by its aim for achieving interoperable and electronic tracing of pharma products at the package level. In addition, it helps to trace and identify drug distribution in the US.

Go Freight Hub is the best 3PL pharma to comply with all the above rules and regulations for the US’s safe distribution of pharmaceutical products.