Have a broken, loose, or chipped tooth? Experiencing teeth discoloration? Have a toothache? How do you decide which dentist to go to? You need to visit the most appropriate professional for the expected results. There are several categorizations of dentists. Cosmetic and General are two types of a wide variety.

In simple terms, cosmetic dentistry deals with the aesthetic aspect of your teeth whereas generally deals with maintaining your oral health. 

One thing to note is; that both professionals possess a DMD or DDS degree. This means that each can treat you well. Every dentist needs to pursue general dentistry before specializing in cosmetic dentistry. 

Dental issues have become a very frequent occurrence, due to this having dental plans becomes quite a necessity. You can pick from a wide range of dental membership plans today that lets you avail of both cosmetic and regular check-ups in your budget. 

Let us look deeper into how Cosmetic and General Dentists differ.


General Dentists

General dentists tackle the pain, discomfort, and hygiene of your teeth. Here are some procedures they specialize in- 

A] Regular Check-ups

Regular check-ups are very crucial to avoid severe dental issues.  A general dentist provides regular check-ups for the identification of abnormalities. They can identify cavities, and gum issues, and treat them too. 

B] Cleaning

You will never visit a general dentist and return without a cleaning. Every general dentist performs a thorough clean-up on your teeth. This involves scraping teeth, removing plaque, and cleaning the gums. Cleaning allows the dentist to observe each tooth precisely. They can also get x-rays for greater accuracy. 

C] Root Canals 

Root canals are the most demanded need of the patients visiting a general dentist.  The treatment procedure involves cleaning the bacteria infection and filling up the root canal. Diseased tissue is removed and the area is cleaned and sealed. 

D] Filling Cavity

Cavities are filled not only for a good appearance but also to maintain the good health of the teeth. By filling cavities, dentists prevent further damage while allowing better functionality. 

Cosmetic Dentists 

Cosmetic dentists are particularly considered for improving the appearance of your teeth. Here are a few procedures they employ-

A] Teeth Whitening

Discolouration of teeth is a natural phenomenon, No one likes non-white teeth.  Cosmetic dentists bleach and use laser treatments to eradicate discolouration and bring a natural white tone to your teeth. 

B] Dental Implant

When an individual loses a tooth, a dental implant is recommended. The cosmetic dentists connect the implant to the jaw bone and crown. With advanced technology, an implant blends so well with other teeth that it cannot be differentiated from the rest. 

C] Dental Bonding

Dental bonding takes into account fixing discolouration, broken teeth, and other aesthetic issues of the teeth. Even gaps between teeth can be filled and mended.  Filling material is used to shape and colour the teeth to amalgamate with the rest of the teeth. 

D] Braces

Misaligned teeth not only look bad but also may cause trouble with eating. A cosmetic dentist can easily place braces for misaligned teeth. Invisalign is something that is gaining popularity today. It allows one to fix the misaligned teeth while allowing no visibility of the braces. Contrary to traditional braces, one can also occasionally take off the Invisalign, which offers great usability and relief. It is a very low maintenance method to straighten the teeth. 

E] Veneers

 Veneers are a popular choice for people who desire a balanced and healthy smile. Natural-looking teeth can be availed through Porcelain veneers. People who opt for them might be experiencing tooth discolouration. They last for a long time and are made of durable material. 

What to consider when visiting a general or cosmetic dentist?

  • When deciding upon a dentist, enquire about the procedure employed for the treatment. Especially in the case of a cosmetic dentist, checkout what procedure is followed since it often differs from professional to professional. 
  • Briefing the patient, and acquainting them with the process and treatment is mandatory for professionals. The dentist should be warm and welcoming. Treatments can create anxiety and doubts, the professional should be willing to answer every query of yours. You as a patient should feel comfortable and relaxed since this determines how smooth the treatment will be. For this, after deciding which dentist is most appropriate for your condition, make sure they are also amiable.

There certainly exist differences between General dentistry and Cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, however, both go hand in hand. An overlap is seen between the two for certain procedures. For example, if a decayed tooth is extracted to prevent further decay, you might need a general dentist and to fix the appearance, a cosmetic dentist might help. So you need to consider your needs and decide accordingly.