Pygeum! Hype can be heard in the market about Pygeum and its supplements.

Several research results are promoting the health benefits of Pygeum supplements, and a lot of people are actually getting the benefits of Pygeum supplements.

Many of us just have heard about it but do not have any idea about it. That is why we are writing this article, to offer you a complete understanding of Pygeum, its supplements, usage, dosage, and the benefits it has to offer us.

What Is Pygeum?

It is a herbal extract that is taken from the bark of an American cherry tree. This particular tree is popularly known as the African plum tree or scientifically named Prunus africanum. The tree is a vulnerable native of the African species.

Pygeum is famous for its popular health effects along with commercial overharvesting that has hurt and endangered the wild populations of the specific tree.

A wide range of research is supporting the benefits Pygeum has to offer us. This Is the reason why it is being considered a sought-out alternative remedy.

A little evidence also suggests that this extract is capable of helping with everything from kidney health to the prostate to general inflammation.

Apart from that, Pygeum has some traditional uses. Continue reading to know about the benefits of Pygeum.

How To Use Pygeum?

Usually, the Pygeum extract is taken in the form of a supplement. Pygeum supplements are usually available in the form of capsules or pills. Here, the extract is made into powder and then put into capsules and pills.

Several health food stores and online brands offer Pygeum supplements. The product label comes with the direction to use it. On the basis of the Pygeum product, the usage direction might also vary, and so will the quality.

Always remember that supplements are not as closely monitored as drugs by the FDA when it comes to quality and purity. That is why while buying one, you always should opt for a trustworthy brand.

Dosage Of Pygeum

As you know how you can take the Pygeum supplement. It is time to know about the dosage. We will recommend you to take a dose of 100 to 200 milligrams on an average per day, specifically for prostate conditions.

This particular amount is also the average amount, which is used in most studies. Whenever you are purchasing a product, ensure that it is coming along with dosage information. For any interaction or warning information, always read the labels closely.

We will also advise you to consult with your doctor about this before you start to take any type of new supplement.

What Are The Benefits Of Pygeum Supplements?

At the start of this article, we have already given a brief on the benefits of Pygeum and its supplements. Now we will help you with a detailed discussion about the major benefits of Pygeum and its supplements.

Benefit 1: May Treat BPH Or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Among men, BPH, or enlarged prostate, is a really common sexual health condition. An old research result has shown that Pygeum supplements can actually help in reducing the symptoms of BPH. Pygeum has helped in easing the following symptoms.

  •      Pain.
  •      Incontinence.
  •      Frequent urination.
  •      Inflammation.
  •      Nocturia or night urination.

Benefit 2: May Treat Prostate Cancer

Pygeum has also successfully gained a reputation for potentially mitigating the risk of prostate cancer. The same study also showed that along with mitigating the BHP symptoms, Pygeum also offers effective protection against prostate cells.

Benefit 3: May Treat Prostatitis Symptoms

As an alternative prostatitis treatment, Pygeum supplements have gained some popularity. A study was conducted in 2014, which showed that several prostate herbs, like Pygeum, can effectively treat prostatitis. All these are even compared to antibiotics.

Benefit 4: May Treat Urinary Conditions

As Pygeum helps in prostate urinary discomfort, it might also help in similar symptoms in some kidney diseases. A number of studies have shown pieces of evidence that state this particular extract can be considered as a treatment for several kidney diseases.

Some More Benefits

Here are some more benefits of Pygeum supplements.

  •      Benefit 5: May Treat Symptoms Of Kidney Disease
  •      Benefit 6: May Reduce General inflammation
  •      Benefit 7: May Treat Symptoms Of Malaria
  •      Benefit 8: May Reduce Fever-related Issues
  •      Benefit 9: May Treat Stomach Aches
  •      Benefit 10: May Boost Libido

Possible Side Effects Of Pygeum Supplement

Studies show that Pygeum is mostly safe and has no side effects. However, there are a few problems that a few people might experience because of their current ongoing health issues.

This might include:

  •    Diarrhea.
  •    Constipation.
  •    Gastric issues.
  •    Nausea.
  •    Stomach pain.
  •    Stomach cramps.

These kinds of issues vary from person to person. If, after taking a single dose of Pygeum, you experience any of the problems mentioned above, you must reduce the dosage or simply discontinue using the Pygeum Supplements.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t use Pygeum supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because Pygeum do have been labeled safe for adults, but there is no such proof that it can be considered safe for children.

You should always talk to your doctor before taking the Pygeum supplements. They can go through your medical history and give you the exact dose you need.

The Bottom Line

Studies show that it helps cure symptoms of BHP, Kidney disease, and other urinary-related problems. Though the data is quite limited on this matter, more research is needed to truly understand its effects.

Most of the data represented are authentic, and considerations are proven. But, still, we would advise you to take this content as information and not a replacement for your doctor’s advice.

If you want Pygeum in your daily routine, you must consult your doctor and see what he has to say. Having an expert to guide you is beneficial. This ensures that you are not taking any wrong steps.

That being said, if there is anything more, we are expecting from this article. Feel free to drop your queries in the comments section. We will ensure that every query is answered.