The modern-day lifestyle, a quality, and consistent access to information has made people more conscious about their lifestyle & health. People have actually started to realize that ‘health is wealth’. In recent years, we have witnessed a worldwide increase in the number of people engaging in some sort of physical activity. The fitness industry has grown manifold which has prompted the need for professional trainers and coaches. While personal trainers can be found easily, it is much more difficult to find qualified and experienced fitness coaches. Such coaches go a long way in ensuring their client’s overall growth and development in terms of fitness. Now you might ask where to find a quality fitness coach. Well, we have the answer.

Adam Kemp

Fitness coach Adam Kemp is a leading name in the fitness industry & is a class apart from other routine trainers. What makes Adam stand out is that he doesn’t merely focus on working with the client in the gym. The emphasis of his training is to improve the overall fitness and diet regime of his client. Apart from this, a major focus of Adam’s training regime is to bring in a lifestyle change in his client’s life. Kemp’s aim is to make fitness a choice and a part of one’s lifestyle.

Unlike other trainers, Adam Kemp’s knowledge and routine are not limited to conventional books or gym training. Kemp has also played professional basketball at the international level. As an athlete, he knows the ins and outs of training and remaining fit at the highest level. Adam is a certified trainer from the ISSA and is also undergoing Masters level education in nutrition.  Thus, a fitness partnership with Adam is certainly not limited to training in the gym.

The Habit of Self-Monitoring

Adam Kemp shall not be looked upon as a personal trainer. For someone who plays professional basketball, fitness has different meanings and standards. Thus, rather than following a system of regular checks & tests, Kemp tries to make fitness a lifestyle for his clients. Kemp’s fitness coaching is all about a relationship of sharing and consultancy. It involves question and answer sessions, and follow-up sessions based on what the client wants to achieve.

Kemp does not go after the volume of clients. He rather focuses on the quality of clients and the results that they can achieve with proper guidance. Thus, the primary focus of Adam is to develop a habit of self-monitoring and willingness in their clients.

Recommended Training Programs and Diet Routines

Adam doesn’t acquire clients as they come. He has a small batch in order to ensure that his customized expert services reach his clients properly and timely. Even currently, Adam is not taking up any new clients. However, he does have a few recommendations in terms of other coaches and training programs. Adam recommends Pat Ramsey as a quality fitness coach who has quality certifications and plenty of experience. Also, BodyFit by is another major recommendation made by Adam. This platform has a sufficient number of videos and other content required to develop and follow a fitness regime.

Clearly, Adam Kemp is way ahead of others in his industry. With his extraordinary fitness regime and lifestyle values and culture, he takes fitness and healthcare to another level.

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