Alcohol addiction is a problem the current world has to grapple with. Consider that about 5.3% of global deaths yearly are from excessive alcohol consumption, not to mention the diseases and social woes associated with drinking habits. If you’re one of those who drink too much alcohol, chances are high that you’ve considered cutting back on the intake time after time. However, your efforts might have been curtailed because of the pleasures of having a drink. You realize that even after denying yourself a lavish bottle of alcohol from time to time, there comes a time when you throw care to the wind and fall right back into addiction. (1)

To recover fully from your addiction, you might need rehab. And not just any kind of rehab. You’d want to ascertain that the rehab in question offers holistic care. This treatment approach focuses on your whole being, which entails mental, physical, and spiritual healing. Additionally, it’d help if the rehab is luxurious, ensuring you enjoy the entire process rather than detest it. (2)

Find a luxury alcohol rehab 

Luxurious alcohol rehab centers usually have many exciting amenities and experienced caregivers that give you the support you need to stop the drinking habit. Therefore, your first journey towards recovery should be locating good and reliable healing facilities. As earlier pointed out, consider enrolling in a Luxury Alcohol Rehab which offers exceptional services.

You’ll find experienced therapists at such facilities who’ll help you overcome addiction. They’ll help you understand the vices of drinking, perhaps how it’s affecting your family. Also, they’ll try tracing the root of your addiction. Different people have varying reasons why they got into drinking. Some do it because of loneliness, others due to life’s frustrations, peer pressure, and so on. Knowing these causative factors will help you and the givers work out a lasting solution.

Signs of addiction

You might be unsure whether or not you should go to a rehab facility. Here are some of the behavioral signs that indicate you’re suffering from alcohol addiction:

  • Having abrupt and dynamic changes in your mood.
  • Excessively drinking. For men, drinking more than 15 glasses per week is considered excessive. While for women, it’s eight drinks or more per week. (3)
  • Running into numerous legal issues like arrests.
  • Losing your job now and then due to your drinking. 
  • Avoiding connection with the rest of your family members and finding corners to hide and drink alone at family gatherings.
  • Hanging out around bars or with individuals who constantly drink regardless of what time of day it is, whether morning, day, or evening.

These signs should be enough reasons for you to join a rehab facility as soon as possible.

What happens at a luxury rehab facility?

It’s good to have an idea of what you’ll be doing from morning to evening once you enroll in a luxury rehab. Usually, caregivers employ scientifically-proven treatment therapies to help you recover from addiction. Below are some of the most common tactics they use. 

  • Yoga 

This form of exercise is known for its ability to restore inner peace. As an addict, you might have something disturbing you, and that’s why you turn to the bottle to forget your worries. Yoga may help you reduce stress and anxiety. It has been in existence for hundreds of years and has been widely embraced by many people across the world. Surveys indicate that about 41% of individuals in the United States engage in yoga for their inner peace. This should motivate you to do the same during your stay at the rehab facility. (4)

On top of the psychological benefits, yoga also physically helps the body by enhancing its poise and posture. So, check if the rehab facility you want to go to has an experienced Yogi. It’d also help if the Yogi had experience attending to recovering addicts’ needs.

  • Massage

Since your alcohol recovery journey involves a lot of detoxification, massages will significantly boost your body’s blood circulation and help remove the toxins that may still be in your body. When fresh blood flows within your bloodstream, the ailing organs start doing well.

A good massage could also help reduce chronic pain. It’d be worthwhile to note that alcohol may make chronic pain even more severe. So, if you already had pain issues, your alcohol addiction may be worsening. Similarly, suffering from chronic pain is a leading cause of alcohol abuse. Getting a professional massage regularly will help ease the aches. (5)

  • Nutritional therapy

Many alcoholics don’t eat well. In general, your body needs a well-balanced diet to function properly. Eating poorly exposes you to the risk of contracting various diseases, and your body may not fight them because of weakened immunity. That’s where nutritional therapy comes in. 

Also, recovering your nutrition is critical since excessive alcohol intake may stop your body from breaking down nutrients, resulting in malnutrition. A well-trained nutritionist ensures you get your food appetite back. They’ll also help you tell the difference between hunger and alcohol craving, which you might have been assuming is a drinking signal.

  • Art therapy

Art is a good mind therapy since it involves expressing imagination through creative skills. Moreover, art therapy helps redirect your energy to positive pastime activities instead of always relaxing over a bottle of beer. 

A luxury alcohol rehab offering art therapy will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It’ll help improve your self-esteem. Perhaps you got into alcoholism after concluding you aren’t good at anything. Engaging in art gives you a perfect chance to express yourself and discover your hidden talents.
  • Art helps you express your emotions. Hence, it’s an excellent communication channel, just like speaking verbally to a close friend. 
  • It may help with anger management since you can express what you feel in your drawing.
  • You’ll gain key social skills because art involves constant communication with the rest of your team members.
  • Spiritual therapy

This approach to holistic care helps you understand morals and beliefs. Through this, you’ll be able to comprehend the meaning of life and get back to your religious self. Discovering yourself as a creation of a higher supernatural being may help you lead a decent life, be considerate of others, and avoid inflicting harm on yourself and loved ones knowingly.


Alcohol addiction recovery doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Show true love to yourself by enrolling in a luxury alcohol rehab. Remember, withdrawal symptoms may prove to be strong. However, engaging in pleasurable leisure activities helps shift your focus to positive aspects of life. Ultimately, holistic care through the treatment therapies outlined above will help you overcome addiction. And you’ll lead a happy addiction-free life after that.  


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