With the growing digitalization, every sector is getting digitalized and the Healthcare sector is no exception. In order to check the patients or confer with fellow staff, healthcare providers always have to move ad stay away from their desks. As a result, a desktop computer makes it difficult for healthcare providers to get access to and details of every patient that they need. This is where health apps come into play. Medical healthcare applications enable the healthcare providers to get the necessary access to the data and case history of patients even if they are not setting at the desk. These apps are not only convenient for healthcare providers but also for patients as well. Patients can now easily take an appointment from their smartphone. This article points out some of the best health apps available today.

Top 7 user-friendly convenient health apps for online pharmacy

Following is the list of top 7 medical apps that offer online pharmacy:

Medscape- This versatile medical app allows healthcare providers to stay ahead of the curve in the medical world. The apps offer drug information, medical news, medical calculators & various medical educational opportunities. It allows database access to more than four thousand medical conditions & diseases along with relevant images. This app effectively works on both Apple and Android devices.

Pharmacyonline – This is a one-stop solution for both patients and healthcare providers as this app offers everything from scratch. May it be fast online appointment booking, easy access to the database and case history of numerous patients, to offering testimonials to the healthcare providers, this app offers everything that the medical practitioners will require to work efficiently. It brings doctors from different categories and patients under one roof. One can buy medicines at a discounted rate which gets delivered right at the customer’s door.

Figure 1- This particular app allows discussions of real medical cases with more than five lakh medical providers worldwide. It has a paging feature where one can page specialists from around the world.

Daily Rounds- Through this app practitioners can taste their knowledge by reading several clinical cases & MCQs. It works on both iOS and Android.

UK Meds- Through this app patients do not need to wait for an appointment or stand in a queue. UK med is a legal pharmacy in the UK that delivers medicines and apps right at the door of the patients.

Life Pharmacy- Life Pharmacy is a UK-based website that offers end-to-end healthcare solutions to patients since 2007. It offers personalized services to the patients and offers fast delivery of medicines right at the customer’s door that too at an affordable price.

Direct Pharmacy- This pharmacy is one of the most popular pharmacies in the UK that sells GSL products, Pet care products, personal care products, and different other niche products and delivers them at home.


There is numerous online pharmacy that has medical services more convenient and easy for both healthcare providers and patients. Starting from getting doctor’s appointments to getting medicines delivered at home, now everything is possible through an online pharmacy!