Epic and Cerner- are both on-premise software development companies with an impressive market share across the healthcare field of which Cerner occupies 25%. Cerner, with HIPAA compliance, is the much-preferred choice among the two, working for over 40 years, combining healthcare with information technology to link more people and establish more systems like  Ambulatory EHR solutions for many setups, like emergency care centers and group medical clinics, etc.

EpicCare EMR is a software company that held 54% of medical records in the United States alone in 2015.

It has also developed an Ambulatory EMR platform, EpicCare, which includes the 10 components of medical records in a hospital and it proves an ideal EHR choice for large organizations.

Epic EMR functions well for hospitals looking for innovative, secure, and efficient means of handling electronic medical records.

Epic covers about  31% of the shares. Both the software function mostly the same but differ in certain aspects such as;

  • The Epic consists of a CRM
  • Cerner provides consulting services.
  • Cerner provides real-time data to customers


Cerner EMR has a revenue of about $5 to build our base of smart solutions for the health care field while also supporting patient and business care. Being convenient for large setups, Cerner is also highly recommended for small or midsized organizations. It is used at more than 27,000 facilities worldwide.

It was selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Veterans Administration (VA) to replace the VistA EHR system, which is a large contract and will take a lot of time to complete.


Whether cloud-based and/or on-premise, Cerner EMR  is ideal for all sizes and provides a lot  of features and benefits which include,

  • Longitudinal record
  • A comprehensive suite of analytics solutions
  • Dragon voice recognition
  • The breadth of clinical documentation tools
  • “SPECIALITY EHR” for various medical specialties
  • patient portal and patient education
  • Uninterrupted integration with revenue cycle solutions and services
  • Advisory services
  • Wellness and registries
  • Scorecards
  • Community care management


Cerner EHR provides a support model called “Cerner Client Care” to give an efficient service to patients by enabling caregivers to interact and communicate with other providers, patients, and clinicians. It has a 24/7 available portal and access can be provided by many options such as Ucern, Cerner via Cerner.com, or online chat.

Cerner provides billing and coding solutions based on the setup size. Its medical billing services include accounting processes and reimbursement.

There are three domains where Cerner distinguishes itself from other EHR solutions in the market including:

  • A great patient experience
  • Authentic clinical documentation tools
  • Close integration with solutions and services around revenue cycle management


  • It has high-profile clients such as the DoD
  • Provide both online and offline hosting
  • provides value-based care through strategic consultancy
  • Offers advanced analytic packages


  • There is a need for too many clicks to perform a task.
  • It can lead to a higher learning curve for users.

EPIC EMR Software

Epic is a cloud-based solution attending to several areas. It has a strong concern over patient interaction and supporting remote care. From public hospitals and individual practices to multi-specialty hospital groups care providers.

Epic EMR is in use across a large number of setups and provides the standard range of ‘core’ EHR characteristics, and practices can add modules depending on specialty.

Epic emphasizes interoperability and easy incorporation with third-party systems. More physicians have confirmed meaningful use of Stage 2 than users of any other system, and records can be shared with any EHR that uses these standards.

 Epic EHR Features

  • Extensive patient portal
  • Billing management
  • Appointment Management
  • Lab integration
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Document Management
  • Insurance and Claims
  • Patient demographics
  • Medical Templates


  • It has a large customer base.
  • Host system in the cloud.
  • You can exchange charts with other healthcare setups through interoperability.
  • They provide a wide range of 3rd party apps to fit all the needs of your practice.
  • Once you get the appropriate training and practice it becomes very easy to use.
  • It has great navigation features for research purposes.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is extremely versatile in its ability to provide a lot of functions to its users in healthcare settings.
  • With its new features setting up orders for patients has never been more efficient.
  • It serves you in multiple tasks like medication reconciliation appointment scheduling, and its organization of encounters and medical history.
  • It is the gold standard in health care systems.
  • Effortlessly communicates with the Practice Management system.


  • It has the threat of being a very small fish in a very big pond which makes it very vulnerable to other technology systems.
  • Reputation for hefty implantation fees.
  • Bad customer feedback and unfair price.
  • Dysfunctional updates.
  • Billing issues.
  • Low uptime.
  • Bugged Updates.
  • Low-Quality Training.
  • Inefficient Data Entry.


Epic is well recognized to support some of the biggest healthcare organizations in the world. But they have also developed over time to provide solutions that attend to small and mid-sized practices. Although it has to work hard to overcome the opinion of being an expensive EHR only for large practices. It has all the credibility except its expensive price tag.

Their “light” version of enterprise EHR with fewer models called Sonnet has greatly overcome the problem.

Their standard and experience grant them the ability to offer accurate and effective products. Epic reviews are generally very favorable and it also offers medical billing services to help ease the administrative load for your organization.


The costs associated with buying a new EHR can be complicated so it is very much necessary to understand the whole setup and ongoing.