EMR systems can disrupt or enhance the quality of a healthcare setup. Be it an individual primary care system or specialized large medical facilities, EMR systems are a must everywhere.

Just like any other software business setup, it’s necessary to observe the features & functions of the tool at hand. The software tool should support the system processes like workflows, records, and requirements of your system.

NextGen Healthcare proves to be one of the best EMR systems today. They provide a variety of tools, making it the better choice for all types of setups, be it a private or a large-scale setup. They have been in the market for the last 50 years and provide service to more than  155,000+ customers worldwide.

Healthland Centriq EMR is under great use these days. It is mainly used for organizational purposes in medical practice. It is a cloud-based software designed for rural areas or community practices.

Nextgen EMR Features

This HIPAA-compliant software is an excellent choice in small/mid-sized practices. The system is designed to meet the needs of medical setups covering more than 25 medical specialties. It is qualified with  ONC-ATCB and ICD-10  certifications, and some of its features are.

Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth is a cheap and easy way to digitally interact with and manage your clients utilizing YourhealthFile and Nextgen EMR. You can plan a work meeting or an e-visit between you and your client. Online access through phone, teleconference,  or web chat has ensured the client’s safety. You can easily access people who are unable to do so due to their health issues, age, or location factors.

Billing and Reporting

You can control the whole client visit interaction processes in one place with NextGen EMR involving paying, billing, and booking. This system helps you identify pending account variables and also points out any defects in coding processes. It has in-build monitoring and reporting features.


This essential feature of Nextgen EMR allows collaboration with other institutions and medical specialists efficiently. Other EMRs and health data setups can be linked to the EMR system. Through this feature, you can easily access lab and stat information anywhere.

Automation of Important tasks

NextGen EMR reduces the hustle of re-collecting clients. You can create a chart based on the data provided by the insurance provider. While listing a new client you can swiftly type in the essential figures using the software’s real-time insurance eligibility verification. With this program, you can effortlessly type in the physician’s birth date, policy number, etc.

Top 3 Medical Specialties Supported by NextGen EMR


NextGen’s cloud-based EMR system is modified to increase income, and customer happiness. Osteopathy templates and make it simple to document, satisfy regulatory standards, and treat clients at the point – of – care. On your electronic gadgets, you can now communicate or write a detailed SOAP note with NextGen osteopathic EHR. You can initiate charting from anywhere in the world digitally which not only improves productivity but also improves doctor-patient interaction. For any size of practice, this program for osteopathic medicine provides an affordable, safe, cloud-based osteopathy practice administration and claims clearinghouse services.


In addition to helping patients and offering symptomatic treatment, this field of medicine also requires efficient business administration. This program reduces workload and the clients also get a chance to participate in their treatment. Revenue cycle management (RCM) becomes very important as the business expenses raise. Using Nextgen EMR you can now customize gastroenterology-related templates and simplify operations which greatly saves your time by interacting with patients and paying them assistance through virtual visits.


Professional medical practices, such as ophthalmology, serve an important purpose in our country’s health care. Digital-based medical and invoicing systems with smartphone access, make it easier to offer quality treatment while also improving the patient and provider contact. This system includes a user-friendly client portal and a revenue-cycle management solution. It covers all the aspects of eye care such as eyeglass shops, health care centers and surgical centers, etc. With this system, you can quickly complete your duties, en-roll client interactions, avoid web rejections, and enhance net collections. Some other features include;

  • Automatic charge production
  • Digital eligibility checks,
  • Customizable, programmed coding rules

Nextgen EMR Reviews

  • It has a strong reporting tool.
  • Customizable
  • Enhance patient care
  • Have diagnostic features
  • Upgrade your skills

Healthland Centriq EMR Features

This program consists of  Practice management and digital record features.   It is a web-based technology for organizing public setups. Some features include

  • E/M coding, practice management
  • Computerized Practitioner Order Entry
  • pharmacy management

Efficient Communication

To ensure that your practice’s productivity quickly increases is through an efficient means of communication. This facility is provided by Healthland Centriq EMR, internally.  The program keeps the nurses,  doctors, and administrative staff in a well-knitted contact keeping them alert of any setbacks. Good communication leads to timely decisions for your patients and organization.

Customizable Dashboard

This feature allows you to keep track of all your work and avoids any haphazardness by arranging all tasks’ priority order so you always know what requires the most attention. You can change it to address a variety of issues.

Through this characteristic of healthland, you can quickly access some features by putting them up on the dashboard like the tools most commonly used.

Integrated Practice Management

A full-fledged setup requires much more than seeing clients or filling out forms. Through  HealthlanD you can also access means that help you out with regular processes of your clinic e.g

  • employee schedules
  • payroll
  • Record keeping
  • Third-party collaborations

Which greatly simplifies your work and avoids all the hassle of payment or scheduling issues.

Lab Integration

Healthland allows direct contact with the labs, ensuring an accurate diagnosis of your patients and hence forming a timely treatment plan for them. The findings are directly reported to your software program hence saving your time.

You can track all the patient’s records and keep everything in one location.

Importance of Healthland Centriq EMR

Healthland Centriq’s primary concern is to assist medical staff and hospitals’ excess workload covering other domains such as emergency medicine, clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Healthland ensures work efficiency and effectiveness. You can easily customize templates according to your requirements.

This system can be installed on-premises which proves very handy in a wide range of aspects. The patients can directly access their physician and this system is best for small setups.

Healthland Centriq Reviews

  • The program’s administrative features have received great applause.
  • It may take some more way to go but the tools provided an excellent means for small practices.
  • According to Healthland Centriq reviews, the software is very customizable.
  • It can adapt to various aspects and remains a viable option for practice.