If you are a practical prepper, you will probably know that preparing for survival takes more than stocking up on food and water. Your prepping checklist will be much longer and have the most unexpected items. A gas mask deserves a place on the list because war, chemical attacks, and nuclear disasters are real threats in current times. It can protect your lungs and eyes and save you from bacteria, smoke, and toxic gases. But buying a gas mask is not easy, specifically if you are a novice. The last thing you should do is pick one randomly because it may be useless in a survival situation. Here is a prepper’s guide to buying a reliable gas mask.

Understand the parts and their functionalities

Gas masks are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. But you must not follow aesthetics to take a pick. Understanding the parts and their functionalities helps you choose wisely. A good one has a face cover, eye covers, filter cartridges, and straps. The face cover holds everything together, and the eye covers protect your eyes from smoke and debris. Filter cartridges make the essential part as they clean the air and make it breathable. The straps keep the mask in place.

Look for the right fit

Understanding the parts and functionalities gives you a good start. However, choosing the right fit is the more practical aspect of the buying decision. Steer clear of the one-size-fits-all mindset because you cannot expect the same piece to work for you and your kids. Buying the wrong size poses a safety risk and defeats the purpose of wearing it. You can find masks in different sizes, so pick the one just right for the wearer.

Check the filters

Besides checking the size and fits, you must check the filters because they offer the actual protection. The gas mask filter cleans the air by removing contaminants and other noxious substances, so you must pay close attention to this part. Remember that expired filters offer zero protection. Ensure that replacement filters are easily available. Also, save them from exposure to air, sunlight, and humidity with proper storage.

Steer clear of outdated products

Another piece of advice you must follow when buying gas masks is to steer clear of outdated models. You can research the latest materials and features to choose wisely. Remember that a mask can be a lifesaver, so be ready to spend a little extra on a high-quality product with the latest safety features. An outdated product may be as good as nothing, and it is not worth spending on.

Buy only from a reputed seller

As a first-time buyer, choosing an ideal gas mask may be more daunting than you imagine. But smart preppers stick with reputed brands and sellers because quality is hardly a concern when you buy from them. You can go the extra mile by checking buyer reviews as they are as good as recommendations from seasoned preppers who know survival gear better than you do.

Buying your first gas mask can be a daunting challenge if you are a first-timer, but this helpful guide can show you the way. Pick the best option, and be safe!